Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Halloween Craft - Napkin Rings

I blogged about my love of the owl I purchased back in the summer here.  I knew I was going to use him in a Halloween tablescape but I didn't have a single other owl item in my house!
I could picture him with black and white dishes but I needed some napkin rings to go with the idea I had.   Fortunately, I was trolling Michaels a few days later and spotted these wood shapes.
I am always excited when I find an opportunity to paint something!

I little paint time....which I loved....then a little more playing with pvc pipe....then more painting.

It doesn't show up very well in this picture but I love the glitter on the wings and eyelashes....just a bit of owl bling :)

Then some glue.....

Then TADA......napkin rings. 

 These little guys will be showing up in a tablescape...very, very soon.  Thanks for stopping by!

Favorite Haunts and Halloween Decor

Last week was junkin week for my buddy Tammy and I.  We spent a good part of our day at Jim Marvin Enterprises.    They are an international importer and design firm with lots of Christmas decor and florals and they just happen to be headquartered in my hometown.  Lucky us!

Of course,  we were so in awe our whole shopping trip, I didn't take a single picture.  I will be headed back soon so I will try to calm down and focus (literally)!

After that we were off to Goodwill....our favorite Haunt!  It was ninety nine cent day so it was a mad house!  I did manage to score these pretty napkins and a Phil Ponder print.  Pretty sweet for $4.00!

We can't just shop,  we have to compete to see who gets the best deal.  I think I got the deal but she won for spending the least.  Sad when the one that spent $4.00 lost to a $2.00 deal!  
After that we had a bit of lunch at her house.  I seized the moment and snapped some pictures of  her cute Halloween decor.
I love the glass front cabinets in Tammy's kitchen.  I tease her all the time about how perfect they are.  I mean where are all the old butter bowls and assorted odd lids?  Everybody has those right?   Right now there some things more spooky than bowls and lids hanging around in those cabinets.


I love this guy!  I know he is supposed to be scary but he is just plain adorable!

Tammy didn't stop with the Halloween decor in the kitchen, her living room mantel is classy creepy.

I am disappointed that the wall color didn't show up well in the pictures because it is so pretty and the curtains that have a black design compliment it so well.  The black decor on the mantel and around the mirror blend with the wall color and curtains perfectly.

The books on the mantel .....ghost stories of course!

I love creepy cloth, mine never seems to turn out as well as Tammy's did.

In the fire place she has her trusty witch's pot and is stirring up trouble.
I am not sure who she has in this pot....probably someone that cut us off in traffic or grabbed something we had spotted at Goodwill.  That will teach em!

I love the movement the feather boa adds and the spiders hanging from it are perfect.  The raven on the black cat adds height and yet another unique creepy element.

I know she had lots of fun putting this together and it turned out great!  Hopefully she will allow us to stop in for a full house tour....hint, hint.  Thanks for stopping by.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Welcome Vignette, Mantel and Fall Fluffin

Its official, I have finally gone full on fall!  I really had no choice since the leaves are raining down in the slightest breeze now, lol.  I have added bits of fall here and there all around our little corner of the south.
First up, we welcome you with this almost vintage vignette.

Wonder Hubby and I made the candy corn and pumpkin years ago (so they are vintage or darn close by now!).  I spruced them up a bit with some new paint this year. 

 I added them to pots of mums and sweet potato vine as well as around the little wheelbarrow I picked up back in the summer (gosh I love this thing!).  Let's head inside.
  I took a departure from the heavy on pumpkin and scarecrow almost Halloween approach of last year to a more simple, all fall look for the mantel. 

The centerpiece of the mantel is a Longerberger basket filled with fall foliage and gourds.  I added old books a small trunk and iron candlesticks with fall colored candles to surround.  Lastly I added the bean filled candles, LOVE THESE!

Still loving the autumn blocks I made last year.

I love the ambiance with the candles is so pretty at night.

Next fluffed a bit and added a little spooky to my kitchen window ledge.
I made the ghosts and blocks last year and blogged about them here.  Joining them are pumpkins the kids carved several years back.  These are my favorite fall items.  I love putting them out every year, I can still see the concentration on their faces when they were working on them.  I think BDJ was 16 and Mini was 9. 
Hope you are enjoying fall and your own fluffing!  Thanks for stopping in.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Scary Wreath Makeover

A couple of weeks ago I headed to the attic to gather up some fall decor.  While rummaging I stumbled onto the wreath I had used on the back door the past couple of years and it was scary!  Wow, had I really put that thing on the door? 
 There was no question that I need to do a makeover.  There was also no question that I didn't need to spend any money on this.  So I dug around and found some mini gourds and I roll of burlap ribbon I had purchased back in the summer and never gotten around to using.  Yeah!  See, sometimes procrastination pays off.

First step I removed all the loose flowers (not much to do there since apparently most of the flowers were already gone) and Mr. Scarecrow.  He was looking more than a bit worn.

Next I cut 2 yards of the burlap ribbon, stole some fishing line from Wonder Hubby and sewed a running stitch through the center of the ribbon. 
 I gathered it periodically and then tied off the end with a large knot.

To attach the ribbon to the wreath I grabbed my handy dandy, yet very dangerous glue gun.  I have years of experience with this guy and yet I ended up with some serious burns on this venture. 
 Mother stopped in while I was wrestling working on the wreath and after seeing me burn my finger she wanted to "help" me.  So, she grabbing the glue gun and quickly sticking the tip of the gun to the tip of my finger applying glue to my finger and under my nail!  Oh my goodness did that ever hurt!
Once I got past the pain, I added assorted leaves I found in the attic along with puff of burlap and the mini gourds. 

Here is the finished wreath.

So that is my no money spent made over wreath.....I think it is much improved!
Thanks for stopping by. 
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Friday, October 19, 2012

Homecoming Fun

It is football homecoming week for Mini.  Here in our little corner of the south this is a big deal.  The week is spent building floats and preparing skits for the homecoming pep rally.  The kids put in lots of time and work and their creative sides really show up in the skits, costumes, signs and floats.  It is tons of fun.
Today is homecoming for us.  This morning we attended the pep rally and as usual the gym was packed to the rafters with students, parents and alumni.
The theme this year was cities.  The cities chosen were New Orleans, Nashville, New York and Las Vegas.  Mini's class had Nashville and a really cute skit with all the expected characters.  We saw Willie Nelson, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and on and on.  Mini was.......big stretch here.....Minnie Pearl!
She is so darned cute!!!   Minnie kicked off the festivities with Little Jimmy Dickens.

We had plenty of line dancing hillbillies.

Mini's class had a live band......they were really good and performed some country classics.

For those of your not from around here (i.e. Nashville) we have a building that is the center of almost all directions.....Bellsouth tower aka The Batman Building.

Well, the junior class was not to be outdone and featured part of the Nashville skyline with their version of the Batman Building....complete with Batman!

Nashville is also home to The Tennessee Titans.  They apparently were excited about the big game tonight and sent some of their lovely cheerleaders.   Okay, maybe it was just cross dressing boys!  I would say they were purdy.....but they were just something :)

After the pep rally we checked out the floats.

This is the junior float, Nashville themed.  Actually the slogan was Hollywood with a touch of Twang.  The inside is made to look like the Titan stadium complete with a TV (jumbo tron) showing our team highlights.


Since BDJ moved off to Vegas (and since I hate to hear Las Vegas) it just pops up everywhere.  So even though I am sick of Vegas,  I have to say this float was awesome....from their dead on Welcome to Vegas type sign to moving slot reels, spinning roulette wheel and moving dice.

I am always amazed at the creativity and talent the kids show.  It was a fun day and a great show of faith in our team bringing home a victory at the game.  Just wish Mini was still cheering or BDJ was still a big dumb jock on the field here..sniff...sniff.