Sunday, June 30, 2013


Yep, this is precisely what I have been doing, slackin.  Slackin on something very important.  A blog must.  I have been slacking on doing something about the end of the road for Google Reader and what my plan of action would be.  I have been reading blogs and playing on Pinterest when I haven't been working in the yard or junking and now I am sweating it.

I just never wanted to deal with it and here we three short hours Reader will go bye bye.  You can still follow me (I think, lol) via email or Bloglovin or Linky follow and I am working on figuring out the whole Google+ deal.

I think I have everything backed up and or switched over to new reader options but,  I am not puter savvy so who knows what tomorrow will bring :)  For now I am gonna trust that I will have some good cyber karma and all will be fine...I hope!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Priorities, Pretties and Puny Excuses

I have been MIA from blogland for a while now.  I am not a daily poster but I usually have a little something to share at least once a month.  I do, however, usually read blogs daily but I have even been slacking on that!  Puny excuse I know but my priority is to live life and sometimes while doing that living, I forget all about blogging.

When Spring rolls around I stay outside as much as possible and play in the dirt and grow pretty things,  So that keeps me pretty busy.  Then it is the end of the school year and that always brings lots of activity as well.   So here is a little post with some pictures of all the things that have kept me happily distracted for a while.

I posted about Mini winning a limo from Craig Morgan for prom night a while back (what a nice guy!).   Mini was able to invite several couples to join her.  They had dinner in Nashville and then spent some time enjoying the conservatory at Opryland Hotel then it was off to prom.  Here are a few pictures.

Other than the few minutes we took this pic is rained all day and into the night!

Doing what teens do best, being silly and having fun!

Off they go!

At Opryland Hotel

May brought the beginning of yard work.  Lots of weeding, planting and mowing, all of which I love and spend way too much time doing. 

We celebrated Mother's Day.  Lots of treats for me. I have sweet, sweet kids and a wonderful hubby.   BDJ sent flowers....I have never had multi colored roses...they were beautiful.

Mini (who is anti craft) made use of the hours she spends on Pinterest and made this adorable pot.  I knew this one was from the heart if she got her craft on!

Spare daughter Bri brought me flowers.  They lasted 3 full weeks!

Wonder Hubby came through with cash....yes the man knows me!  We also celebrated with the Nana but for some reason I can't find any photos of that :(

Before I headed into the yard full time I got our closet changed from winter to summer.  Usually a huge task, this year with the closet makeover I blogged about here, it was a snap.  Two hours and the conversion was complete.


End of school brought academic banquets and Mini's graduation from Youth Leadership.

Mini at the Academic Awards Night.  Doesn't she look happy to be there, I mean she was the only Junior to receive an award!

  She was happy with the award but thrilled that they had this....

Mini loves some refreshments!  Next up, cake at Leadership graduation.

Then Mini was off to Girl's State.  This left Wonder Hubby and I alone for a week, giving us a taste of what life will be like in a year when she is leaving for college. Yikes!  We have got to work on what life with no kids at home is going to be like.  She absolutely loved Girl's State and recommends it to any girl that is lucky enough to be selected for the experience.

Dropping her off at her dorm....I was worried about her having fun.
 Based on the pictures I think she had too much fun!  She really enjoyed learning about how government really works and being a part of it all. 

Throughout May and into June, I continue to play in the yard.  Let me share a bit of what we have been enjoying and the progress made since I posted here.

My peony was a bit late blooming this year but it was worth the wait.

The smell in my house was amazing! I so wish these pretties stayed in bloom for the entire summer.


Other pretties around the yard.


There is always a project that needs doing, but this one was really annoying.  Just last spring Wonder Hubby and I replaced all the porch railing and I gave it all new paint.  Early spring porch cleaning revealed this lovely mess.

All the paint had literally popped off down to the wood.  Even wood that was previously painted (years worth of painted) popped off! 

Very frustrating!  I called our local building supply and they contacted the Porter Paints who replaced the paint and primer.  So after using them faithfully for 15 yrs., I can be assured they will stand behind their products.   Thank goodness, I hated the thoughts of spending $100.00 again on the products.  They did not, however, provide a nice little helper to sand miles of railing and repaint it all.  It took 2 solid days of work sanding and another to paint but thankfully it is complete.  As much as I like making like Tom Sawyer and whitewashing every spring, it may be time to replace with vinyl.
I finally gave in and went out with Wonder Hubby, Mini and Georgette.  Remember Georgette, Wonder Hubby's other woman?  I blogged about her here.  Well, as much as I hate to admit it....I really like her too....and the fishing turned out to be way more fun than I figured.  In fact I caught my first fish (at least in the last 20 yrs.) on our first day out and was ready to head out again the next day. 
After completing this project I moved on to tossing myself headfirst down the stairs in the garage.  This little adventure  took me out of the game for about a week and left me with bumps, bruises and a broken toe, all of which are almost back to normal.
That bring us to Father's Day.  Mini is preparing "fish" cupcakes a la Pinterest for her fishing fanatic daddy.

Poor Wonder Hubby had to work on Father's Day but we had him covered with his favorite meatloaf and fishy cupcakes for dinner.

Last night we celebrated with Father's Day with my dad.  Terrible lighting on this picture but I wanted to share it anyway.   He had a good night and enjoyed his favorite, chocolate pie for dessert and took some to go. that I look at this post, I realize I have been a pretty busy lady.  I won't even lie and say I have something exciting to blog about coming....I don't! lol 
I am playing in the dirt daily, enjoying time with Mini during this, her last summer of high school and looking forward to BDJ coming home to vacation with us. 
Hope you are busy enjoying your summer too!