Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Finding Treasures and Halloween Crafts

Yeah for me....I cleaned the garage!  It isn't perfect by any stretch but it is quite the improvement from where it was.  It is amazing what you discover (both good and bad) when you tackle a cleaning project.  I saw some things I couldn't believe where hanging out in the garage and I found some goodies too.  I discovered an oar that was aged perfectly and a cool old Coke crate that will be used in a later project.  I stumbled on quite a few half done projects, supplies for things to make I can't imagine I ever wanted as well as many things to add to Wonder Hubby's Honey Do list (teeheehee) . 

One of the things I stumbled on where these ghost shapes I had cut out years ago and painted white then abandoned.  I have turned them over for the photo cause..well they were dust covered and pretty nasty.

I have been noticing a trend in vintage holiday decor particularly Halloween decor.  I was talking to a friend a few days ago and she was ecstatic over some vintage decor she had found at our local Habitat for Humanity store for a song.   With this in mind I knew I wanted to somehow make these vintage looking.  I started by painting them both black.  I let them dry then used an old candle to go around the edges and a few spots on the surface.  Then I painted them with a cream paint and sanded the waxed areas.

Looking Pretty Vintage

The ghost on the left is before distressing and little guy on the right has already been given the business and is looking a little worn...just what I wanted.  Now what to do with them?  Should I hang them?  Put them on a wreath?  Lean them against something?  This I would need to ponder.

Remember how I told you I discovered many half done projects?  Among those was this little sign and some old blocks Wonder Hubby had cut for me ages ago.

 Both were already half done projects and I liked neither of them.   Since I am a little ADD when it comes to projects and considering that I was pondering, I dropped my little ghosts and started on the sign and blocks.  Both were painted, waxed then painted again.  I then sanded, did some laundry, cooked, walked the dog and slept a couple of times before I managed to complete them. 

Then I had a little ah ha moment and decided to attach my little ghosts to wood blocks as stands.

Sporting their stands.
 Here they are as part of my fall mantel decor.

Good things happen when you clean and organize :)

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  1. The fall display is awesome. I love the "Boo to You" blocks.


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