Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Little More Fall/Lantern Makeover

Last fall I was helping my dad sort through some antiques and some junk he had recently acquired.  I ended up hauling home several goodies including  Mr. Rooster's New Roost, some antique glassware and an old copper lantern.  With lanterns being all the rage, I figured I would end up using it somewhere. 

Based on the finish, this little guy had spent some time out of doors and he was looking pretty rough.  I thought this was a job for my go-to paint of choice, Rustoleum Old Rubbed Bronze.  Uh....wrong.  All the glass in this guy was really in amount of coaxing seemed to loosen anything.  Well now, what to do?  No worries, I was happily painting some acorns copper with acrylic paint and figured it couldn't hurt to give it a shot.  It all painted easily using a teeny-tiny little brush.  I would love to say that it turned out to be perfect but it didn' did however, turn out to be do-able.  At some point  he may get all  taped up and turned all ORB, but I really doubt that will happen soon, so for now this is how he turned out.

Since I am still in fall frolicking mode here at the homestead, I decided to find a fall home for my lantern.  I keep thinking I am done but then I end up adding just a bit more.  One of the areas that was fru-frued was the entry table.
Since the mantel was fallish and not Halloween I wanted to add just a touch of the holiday to this table in the living room.    

I love the way the little lantern works into the fall table.  One of my favorites this year are the candle holders filled with different beans :)

I saw this adorable (okay maybe creepy) owl back in the summer and just had to have him.  This was very strange for me since I have never been a lover of owls.  I think it has something to do with growing up in the 1970's and the era of owls and mushroom shaped canisters!   I love his feathered plume!  I can't wait to make him the star of a Halloween tablescape.

Anyone that knows me knows that I can't throw away anything I have used more than once (like the jack-o-lantern below).  After one use, said item becomes a "tradition." This explains why there are enough Christmas decorations in the attic (and oh how some of them need to go) to decorate 15 trees and then some.

 The spooky pumpkin, the candle holder, and trick or treat knick knack were gifts to Mini from The Nana and they are tradition!

Just a little bit more fall....and a touch of Halloween....I think I like it :)

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  1. You have such festive decor, Shanee! The lantern looks great. I don't decorate for Halloween anymore, now that my girls have gone off to college. But, I have enjoyed seeing all of your great decor!


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