Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Favorite Haunts and Halloween Decor

Last week was junkin week for my buddy Tammy and I.  We spent a good part of our day at Jim Marvin Enterprises.    They are an international importer and design firm with lots of Christmas decor and florals and they just happen to be headquartered in my hometown.  Lucky us!

Of course,  we were so in awe our whole shopping trip, I didn't take a single picture.  I will be headed back soon so I will try to calm down and focus (literally)!

After that we were off to Goodwill....our favorite Haunt!  It was ninety nine cent day so it was a mad house!  I did manage to score these pretty napkins and a Phil Ponder print.  Pretty sweet for $4.00!

We can't just shop,  we have to compete to see who gets the best deal.  I think I got the deal but she won for spending the least.  Sad when the one that spent $4.00 lost to a $2.00 deal!  
After that we had a bit of lunch at her house.  I seized the moment and snapped some pictures of  her cute Halloween decor.
I love the glass front cabinets in Tammy's kitchen.  I tease her all the time about how perfect they are.  I mean where are all the old butter bowls and assorted odd lids?  Everybody has those right?   Right now there some things more spooky than bowls and lids hanging around in those cabinets.


I love this guy!  I know he is supposed to be scary but he is just plain adorable!

Tammy didn't stop with the Halloween decor in the kitchen, her living room mantel is classy creepy.

I am disappointed that the wall color didn't show up well in the pictures because it is so pretty and the curtains that have a black design compliment it so well.  The black decor on the mantel and around the mirror blend with the wall color and curtains perfectly.

The books on the mantel .....ghost stories of course!

I love creepy cloth, mine never seems to turn out as well as Tammy's did.

In the fire place she has her trusty witch's pot and is stirring up trouble.
I am not sure who she has in this pot....probably someone that cut us off in traffic or grabbed something we had spotted at Goodwill.  That will teach em!

I love the movement the feather boa adds and the spiders hanging from it are perfect.  The raven on the black cat adds height and yet another unique creepy element.

I know she had lots of fun putting this together and it turned out great!  Hopefully she will allow us to stop in for a full house tour....hint, hint.  Thanks for stopping by.

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  1. What a fun post this was--it sounds like your thrifting trip was a great time, and what lovely things you found! I also love the pictures of your friend's home--the skeleton man in the glass-front cabinet made me laugh! Thanks so much for visiting my blog today--it was so nice to hear from you, Shanee, and glad you enjoyed my antique ribbon lampshade.


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