Monday, January 23, 2012

Pottery Barn Light Knock Off

A long, long time ago in blogland (3 months in real life) I began the process of making over my daughters old bedroom.  I have talked about it here, here and here!  My inspiration for the room was a variation of the Pottery Barn room below from the Fall Catalog.

User submitted photo

I loved the headboard and ended up with a mantel instead of shutters but I adored the pendant lights.  The price tag, however squelched my adoration a bit.  Wonder Hubby urged me to order them but I just couldn't justify the expense for the guest room so.... I looked at my PB catalog longingly everyday and wished.  One afternoon our spare daughter Bri was over and I was once again thumbing through my dog eared PB catalog when Bri said "you can make those."   Make them?  Although this is normally my first thought when I see something I like it had never occurred to me to even consider making them.

Wonder Hubby studied the picture and agreed that we could probably make them.  I was now on a quest.  First I had to figure out how close I could get with parts and pieces and second I had to find the parts and pieces.  We visited lighting companies and salvage yards trying to locate the right pieces and eventually after some pretty heated words at Home Depot with Wonder Hubby over taking apart a pendant light, I pretty much conceded defeat and was ready to walk away.   How could this man not see it is not a waste to take apart a $14.00 fixture to piece together a light that would save him $100.00 per light?  

 I promptly started a week of pouting that ended with Wonder Hubby admitting he had thought about it and had decided we could make it work.  So before he had time to change his mind I shoved hustled him into the car and off we went to collect all the parts and pieces.  He had created such doubt in me I spent the whole shopping trip with my fingers crossed that this would indeed work since I had spent so much time pouting convincing him it would!

We started with this pendant light kit.

Assorted elbows, extensions and brackets.
A small wooden plaque.

We disassembled the pendent light kit using the "guts" and top of the light only.  Then I painted the plaque, the hardware, the pendent light pieces and the conduit with Rust Oleum Oil Rubbed Bronze (love this stuff!).  After a couple of coats and lots of drying time we were ready to get started.

Wonder Hubby pre-drilled the holes for mounting the plaque.

Then he located the studs.  We were so lucky that the studs and the electrical outlets aligned perfectly!

We mounted the plaques on the wall and then threaded the wiring through the conduit.  We had to wire the pendent light on once the conduit was mounted and also wire on the plug. 

 All that was left was too attach the globes...and ta PB knock off lights!

I love the way they turned out. Everyone that has seen them has fallen in love too! In fact, I think we are going to have our own copy cats:)   Total cost for both lights $70.00!   FYI....I overheard Wonder Hubby telling a friend about these and it sounded like he was saying they were his idea and no problem to make....seriously?   Thanks for stopping by. 
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  1. Oh WOW, that is so cool. You did a great job. I love the entire room. Thanks so much for sharing with the copy cat challenge.

  2. I love it! I've been wanting lights like that! I need that headboard! The whole room looks great!

  3. Wow the lights look great. I'm with Debbie, the whole room looks great.

  4. Aww...thanks to all. Love the room and the lights it is so calming...I tend to just sit around in there and enjoy it! lol

  5. Oh my goodness, those are AMAZING copycats! I love them. I laughed right out loud about "I promptly started a week of pouting." That's too funny and familiar.

    You definitely have a Wonder Hubby.
    Great, great job. I love everything you've done in that room.

    I need to get my butt up and start redecorating something.

  6. Hi,Shanee. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my tablescape. I'm glad I hopped on over, because after seeing this post I'm your newest follower! How clever that you managed to do this! I can fiddle with crystal and china and silver for the rest of my life, but I don't think we'd pull lights off the way you did!! They are fabulous! ~Zuni

  7. They look wonderful, great job on them, congrats to Wonder Hubby too!

  8. What a wonderful knockoff. I love them. Thanks so much for sharing them at Wow.

  9. Lovin' your blog Shanee. I'm here from Kim's party and so happy to have discovered your delightful blog. I'm going to follow from now on. Pop over for a visit sometime!

  10. Oh my gosh! These are wonderful! Just showed my husband, cause I gotta have a pair of these.

  11. Really nice job on those lights. I still don't think they are in my realm of possibility, but I appreciate that you and your husband are talented.

  12. Hi! I pinned this on Pinterest, posted on fb, and featured at Creative DIYers Club. Please feel free to grab the feature button :)


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