Sunday, May 11, 2014

Another Big Mini Moment

It was a busy week here in our little corner of the South.  Mini's schedule was crazy as usual and so was ours.  Much of the busy buzz was arranging our schedules to take in all that is Senior Prom.

I was so thankful that Saturday was a beautiful day!  Last year, prom day was a soggy mess that held our photo ops to a minimum.  Much to Mini's chagrin that was not the case this year! 

If you don't know Mini personally you need to know that she is not fussy at all.  In fact, she jokes that she is really a man.  Oh she cleans up nicely, and is always sporting one adorable thrift store gleaned outfit or another but she is not big on spending a lot of time on girl stuff.  She doesn't believe in paying to have her hair or nails done and prom was no exception.  She was amazed that girls were at the beauty salons and beginning to get ready for a 8 pm prom at 8 am.

She lolled about until 1 before she started preparation (which was really early for her to start in her opinion).  Bless her heart she spent two hours crafting her hairstyle and makeup and then slipped into her prom dress just in time to head out for photos.

Her prom dress was purchased a year ago on Ebay!  Who does that?  She didn't have a worry one about it not looking right or fitting (what is that like?).  The prom theme was old Hollywood and she went with a vintage look.  I am so thankful that she is such a classy young lady.  We didn't have to worry about what she would choose to wear being to revealing....modest was her motto.

I think she pulled it all together nicely and looked beautiful, if I do say so myself.

Oh how I love a wrist corsage....they are just so special and sweet!

They are the cutest couple and they don't take themselves too seriously, which will serve them well in life.

This is my favorite memory from the day.  Wonder Hubby and I went to prom at 11 p.m. (guess they didn't realize we are too old for that) to see the Senior Walk and Wonder Hubby and Mini danced.  It was super sweet and I will remember it forever.

The following week was Greg's senior prom.  Mini and Greg both wore the same outfits, because they are practical that way but Mini debuted an updo that she did quite well with.  She also wore another sweet wrist corsage.  Her corsage from Prom 1 was too large for her arm so being the thoughtful young man that he is, Greg had the florist make Prom 2's corsage with velcro so it is a perfect fit.  

For Prom 2 Mini went with a classy updo.  I think she did a great job. What really made is special? The combs she wore in her hair were the same combs I wore to my Senior Prom wayyyyyy back when so they were true vintage to match the dress!

Thank you for stopping by and walking down memory lane with me.