Monday, September 24, 2012

Almost Memories

I am such a summer person.   I can live with the heat and humidity since warm weather allows me to play outside as much as I want.  Waking up this morning to temps in the upper 30's was a bit shocking....I mean we have only been in fall for 2 days!  So, since you can't fight the universe, this week I am going to give up the fight and change everything over to fall.
Before I do that I thought I would share a few pics from my garden.  

I fell hard for Gerbera daisies this them :)

This painted bucket is beside my pond and features a dracaena spikes, a gerbera daisy and calibrochoa that just won't quit!

This is my newest garden pretty....a wheelbarrow.  The plan was for it to be a part of the landscaping around Mini's house but I keep finding other places to use it.  Maybe eventually it will get there.  Recently it has been in our back landscaping with a pot of calibrochoa in hot pink and sweet potato vine.

Also beside my pond the metal garden urns I received for mothers day last year.  Beside one of the urns, a pot of verbena and melampodium.

Lastly, the tool caddy I made and blogged about here. It is filled with impatients.

I think I am ready to make these guys memories now and bring in some new talent for the cool weather.  Thanks for taking a walk through my Almost Memories. 

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