Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day!

I wanted to take a moment to say Happy Mother's Day to all you moms out there.  Although I am a mother, and should know better, I fail to make sure my mother knows how much I appreciate her daily. 

My mother is so good about "doing" for or with us.  Since Wonder Hubby and I married 26 years ago, Mother, aka The Nana has always been up for whatever project we were into.  Back in the 1980's the three of us really got into making crafts, into the 90's came the children and The Nana was always available to stay up with a sick baby so I could sleep.  By 2002, The Big Dumb Jock had started to play football, Mini picked up ballet, cheer and volleyball and through it all you could find The Nana there cheering them on.

Just a couple of Friday's ago, mother called to see what I was doing.  I gave her a quick overview of my projects for that day and immediately she said she was coming over.   She did, and spent the day working in the flower beds weeding with me.  I knew she had plenty she could be doing in her own yard (that she never asks for my help with) but she chose to be here helping and hanging out. 

She is forever surprising us with little gifts, back in the winter it was Fiesta Ware that Wonder Hubby had seen in a shop 2 hours from here, a few weeks ago bracelets for Mini and I and this week some adorable knives to match our Fiesta.  Wonder Hubby is her favorite and only has to mention that he has built something or done something new in the yard and she is on her way!

It is so easy to take for granted having her around and interested in our lives because she always is.....but I wanted to take a moment to let her and everyone know just how valuable she is to all of us.

The Nana and Mini Easter Morning.
I have certainly enjoyed my Mother's Day despite feeling a bit under the weather.  My ankle biter woke me up to take her out (into a pouring rain) at 4:30 this morning, I guess that was "our" Mother's Day time.   I stopped in the kitchen to get some water and found this in my refrigerator.

Mini had written me a sweet, sweet poem and made sure I would see it first thing (even at 4:30 a.m.).   She was happy to pose with it to show possession which was a good call since BDJ tried to take the credit and say she rewrote his poem and stole his idea!

I got to chat with BDJ for a while....but I am not going to lie, it wasn't like having him home.  Maybe I will get to see him the meantime I tell myself that I was such a good mom he is successful and therefore not with me!  Whatever gets me through the day :)

Wonder Hubby gave me my Mother's Day gift on Friday.  Since we are at the halfway point of a complete redo of our front landscaping we did some plant shopping on Friday.  I have been toying with adding an urn to the landscape but I am way too cheap to ever spend the money on an urn/pot the size I was thinking about.  So, while I was raking a worker over the coals since I had driven an hour to this garden center only to discover the quantity of azalea's in Ruby Red listed on their online inventory was incorrect and they didn't have as many as I needed chatting with a worker, Wonder Hubby snuck off, found this "awesome pot" and had it waiting at the checkout.  I had to cover my ears when the clerk rang up the total but I am so glad he did it.  I love it.    You have to ignore the state of things right now, before we could position the pot, or fill and plant it, the rain set in.  The boxwood in it now will be much taller when the pot is filled and planted.  I wanted to get this posted tonight, so Mini shot a pic a bit ago and it was already getting dark but I hope you can see enough to see the cool aged look.  I am so excited to get this "awesome pot" planted and see it in the landscaping.

Finally, my spare daughter Bri came by for a visit and brought me an Asian lily and a card.  She is sweet that way, I am lucky to have two children by birth and one by her choice!

This is a picture (which I know it horrible coloring) taken back in October when BDJ came home.  All three of my kids!

Hope everyone one enjoyed a wonderful day today!


  1. What a beautiful post. Happy Mother's Day to you, too. Your post gives me the feeling I should call my mom again! Btw, love the pot.


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