Monday, September 24, 2012

A Mom's Bittersweet Football Story - 2

I first published this post last fall but felt it that with football season underway, it might be helpful to a mom or two that are on the fence about their little guys playing the game.

Remember the rewards of playing the game are not always reflected on the scoreboard. 

Read the whole tearful tale here!

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  1. I just clicked to read that story and I LOVE it! You captured so well that it was so much more than the game. It was the commitment and love that he had (and YOU had) as part of the game experience. (I loved the part about you running in the stands)

    I never had a son, but as much as I hate football like you, I have a hunch that mine would have been a BDJ on the football team too. We're the kind of family that likes whole the sports/family experience. With nerdy girls, the best we did was cross country, but we did it all the way to State and acted like a family of loons.

    Just think of all that that one silly sport gave him. Amazing! Great post! And I think I've told you this, but it should be BDHJ. You forgot handsome.


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