Thursday, September 13, 2012

Touch of Fall Tablescape

Have you taken the plunge and gone full on fall around your home?  I was all ready to do just that last week before my good buddy Tammy met me here to go shopping.  She had not been in the house for a while and naturally wanted to check it all out.  (Don't worry she knows I'm just picking at her)  Of course she wanted to check things out, her house is freakin perfect!

I have been spending ALL my time in the yard this summer and had let the house go.  Sure, I picked up daily but I hadn't deep cleaned.  As she wandered around she noted,  "you have a lot of stuff", okay what she actually said was "you have a lot of stuff and you have lots of places to put it (i.e. space above cabinets, etc.) and I don't have that.  Of course all I heard was the lots of stuff part. What the heck?  A lot of stuff?  Well, okay I did seem to have one or more unfinished projects in every room but a lot of stuff?  Truthfully, she has a more sleek, modern look going at her house so my knick knacks everywhere probably unnerved her!   We headed out to shop Old Time Pottery (love that place!) but I was preoccupied with cleaning (dang Tammy, she stole my happy).

I was able to focus long enough to spend some money.  I purchased a cute table runner for $2.50 and napkin rings for $.69! I thought the runner might work with some of my Fiesta for a late summer tablescape.

Yesterday, after cleaning and tossing and organizing for 5 days I finally allowed myself to play a little I put together this tablescape.   I call it A Touch of Fall and it is what will will use daily for the next couple of weeks.  I guess I wasn't quite ready to go all in for fall yet!  It is a great mix of some warm fall colors and some cool late summer shades.  Let me give you a wee tour.

I purchased these candle holders back last winter when I also acquired Consuela I blogged about it months later, I still love the crackly, rusty look!

I am always happy to find new things to use my Fiesta with. The table features Paprika (I think this is my favorite) and Ivory. 

I am happy I went the $2.50 and purchased the runner! 


Love the vintage amber glasses.  My mother picked these up for me last spring.

I wish I had the ability to offer smell a blog for you, these candles are incredible!  I purchased them last week at Kohl's (don't you just love some Kohl's?).  One is almost the color the Paprika Fiesta and is Ginger Pumpkin.  The other is Caramel Pecan.  I can't believe how they scent my whole kitchen without being lit.  In fact, I sometimes wake up wondering what is cooking!

As you can see the floral arrangement has Just a Touch of fall with a couple of small gourds and some berries.

I think we will enjoy easing into fall around this table.  Thanks for stopping in for the tour.  Have a great weekend!  I am linking with


  1. I like a slow unfolding into a new season too. I like the colors you chose. The runner is perfect. Fantastic vintage glasses. Very nice table to enjoy for awhile!

  2. This is exactly what I need to do...deep clean....instead I keep doing tablescapes! Haha I love yours! Come link up to Centerpiece Wednesday!

  3. I love it! I have a hard time getting into fall around here.

  4. I love your Fiesta! I wish I had some!!! Maybe I'll put some on my Christmas list!

  5. I am not ready to fall, YET...

    Sweden is still rainy and chilly §:-( and this summer is not a summer.

    However, seeing your settings makes me drool and motivated to do one.

    TY for sharing.
    Greetings from chilly Stockholm,


  6. Thank you to stop by and to say a nice comment about my tea setting.i like yours have arranged a cute little fall table.the room in light looks very nice.your center piece adds all the charm to the setting...;):)

  7. Love your colors. I'm inspired to get the few pieces of Fiesta Ware Iminheritednfrom my mother-in-law.

    Linda Crandall

  8. I am SO READY to whip out the fall stuff! I love your table and the colors are wonderful. You've helped inspire me. I have been AWOL from blog land for a while dealing with something personal. Today is my first day in I don't know how long to even step to the computer. Now, I'm getting those familiar blog feelings again.

    Hope all is well with you.


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