Thursday, July 18, 2013

Busy and Blessed Birthday

Whew this summer has been busy!  I should have known with Mini heading into her senior year of high school that this summer would move at warp speed.  With so much going on here we haven't found many of those lazy summer days. 
The week of my birthday was no exception.  My birthday is July 3rd so it is always wrapped with all the July 4th festivities.   This year got a bit crazier with the Big Dumb Jock coming home to vacation with us starting on July 6th. 
I spent the week cleaning and preparing for the big birthday/homecoming/4th cookout, as well as doing all that pre vacation stuff.  Despite all of the hubbub I had a wonderful birthday.
Since our spare daughter Bri has a birthday on July 5th, Mini  planned a surprise activity for just us girls.   We made some adorable flip flops and super chic headbands and for such simple projects, a really big mess!  We had a lot of fun and both projects turned out beautifully!

Mini is beginning to work on her headband.  For whatever reason, I have no pictures of either Mini or Bri in their headbands :(  Can you tell she was annoyed at me interrupting crafting for photos?

We each put our own spin on the the colors!

Mini also treated me to these cutie patootie toes!  She did a great job on them.

Wonder Hubby came through with a favorite....cold hard cash!  My MIL and FIL also came through with a beautiful  necklace and cash and dad gave me a beautiful amethyst ring. 
My sweet mama came by and surprised me with this adorable fairy garden!
I love the clay stairs.

My brother made the ladder and door and windows...they are too cute.
Love the little Gnome!  I had pinned several of these on Pinterest hoping to make one eventually, so it was quite a treat to receive this one. 

My brother also made the little bench and Mom mossed up the little house.
As the day was drawing to a close I got another gift.....I got to pick up the Big Dumb Jock from the airport!
Blessed to have had many people celebrate my birthday with me!

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  1. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm so glad you had the BDJ home to celebrate so your nest was full. The flipflops and (especially) the toes look fantastic, and I LOVED that pot garden.

    I mean FAIRY garden. I don't want the fact that you have a pot garden out there in cyberland or anything. Ha!


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