Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Million Dollar Vacation

A couple of weeks ago we took a vacation.  This vacation was very up in the air until about a month ago.  Wonder Hubby's schedule was changing, Mini has a job, The Big Dumb Jock wasn't sure if his cross fit competition would allow him to join us and I was just tired of trying to work around everything and every one's schedule

We waffled back and forth and finally everything clicked the second week of June and we booked a condo (which was a nightmare for me miracle on short notice) and started to get excited.  This would be the first vacation the 4 of us had taken alone in 5 years.

The week leading up to departure Wonder Hubby started his new schedule, Mini worked crazy hours and I prepared the house for a big welcome home/4th of July cookout for the family as well as celebrated my birthday!  Busy week.

BDJ came home on July 3rd (awesome birthday present don't ya think?) and we hosted a big ole indoor cookout (thanks to never ending rain) for all the uncles and grandparents on the 4th.  

I didn't take a single picture of the guests or the food......I get so distracted when I get BDJ home!  We all had a great time together.

On Saturday morning we loaded up (according to BDJ like the hillbillies) and headed out.  BDJ seems to think that me packing my favorite pan, spices, mini-chopper, smoothie maker, oils, etc. is weird.  He is 24 what does he know?  Hey, if I am going to cook, I need my stuff!  I like all the comforts of home, which seems to be a big deal to BDJ
Wonder Hubby tried to explain the whole if mama ain't happy concept to him.   He also doesn't understand those of us that cannot travel cross country for 10 days in a carry on.

Have I told you that BDJ loves Mini a lot?  No, well he does. Have I mentioned that he is very demonstrative? He has acted as if she was his baby since the day she was born....and when he wasn't feeling parental he thought she was his personal toy.  I knew when I saw his facebook comment to Mini a few days before he came home, "2 days!! I hope your excited Beach toy!!", that this trip was going to require referring and rescue! 

Less than 12 hours after arriving home and he was already at it!  Of course if you look closely you will see Mini wasn't really hating it....yet.  She was not amused that his facebook status that accompanied this pic mentioned she had gained her Freshman 15 a year early....can't say that I blame her there.

Travel day.  Fun in the backseat.....

Hope quietly reading....this will not be allowed for long.

This is his up to no good.....what can I do to Hope now look....

And there it is.....frustration in the backseat.

We have vacationed in Destin for 27 years now.  All vacations are good, some more memorable than others.  We have heavenly and horrible weather, sickness, accidents, great and terrible accommodations and a million other variables over the years but at the end of the week you say it was good. 
After all how can you go to the beach and not enjoy it?   This year however was incredible. 
The condo was lovely yes but not the finest we have ever had (however you just couldn't beat the view and cooking looking at the ocean is AWESOME).
View from the kitchen island.  I would cook all day long with this view.  It was wonderful to cook for the family and sit down and enjoy it while listening to the ocean waves in the background.

  Destin is located on the gulf coast and is known as the Emerald coast with beautiful emerald waters and pristine white beaches.  This year however, the emerald waters were no where to be found.....not one day with emerald waters.  In fact 5 out of 7 days the water was darker than I had ever seen and there was a lot of seaweed. 

You can usually count on an afternoon t-storms at least a couple of days while visiting but we were arriving as they received record rainfall.  So the weather was good but not great. The clouds did make for some beautiful sunsets.

None of that mattered this week. 
Nothing mattered this wee kbecause we had all we needed.....time and each other.

Time for conversations about everything and nothing that living 2,000 miles and a different time zone away doesn't often allow.
We had time to just be together sitting by the sea in total silence.  It was an incredible blessing.  The best part of the week for me was seeing these two together. Mini has a low tolerance for being touched/ as you can see she was very indulgent of her brother.


Wonder Hubby had a big old blessed week as well!




Then suddenly and much too soon it was over.  It is always a sad day when BDJ wings his way back to Las Vegas but I have the memories of a wonderful visit and a vacation worth a million dollars. 
Plus, I knew Mini was just about out of patience!  Last kiss at the airport.

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