Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring Inspiration

Our weather here has been so sketchy lately getting fully in Spring mode has come in bits and spurts.  Last week we were having yet another unseasonably cool and rainy day so my junk buddy Tammy and I headed out shopping to get some inspiration. 
Our target for the day was Old Time Pottery.  Love, love, love OTP!  I bet we were in the store 4 hours....we leave no items unchecked.   OTP is a great option for pictures, mirrors and lots of seasonal items and REALLY reasonable prices.
If you haven't started or completed your spring cleaning these should jump start you.

If you gotta do it you should work with tools that just look happy shouldn't you?
If you look closely you can see that they even have toilet issues tools glammed up!

I was all set to buy some fashionable leopard mops and brooms and brushes but alas, they were out of those....guess I wasn't meant to spend time spring cleaning.
Organizing anyone?  There was an amazing selection of  brightly colors containers.  This would really perk up garage organization I need to consider tackling just that!  Many of the containers would be great for use at outdoor cookouts and parties. 

Loved these jar lanterns!  The colors are so pretty for summer evenings outside and at $2.49 you can't beat the price.  If you have an interest in these run don 't walk to your nearest OTP.  I purchased these in fall colors last fall and used them in a dozen different ways.  I purchased only 3 and decided to go back for more....no go that were sold out in a week.  So....you snooze you lose on these pretties.

These flowers were amazing!  About 10 inches across they really would make a statement.  I am regretting now buying them :(  I made some napkin rings last year using a smaller version of these flowers, I blogged about them here.  I think these giant versions would look great hanging above the table.  Oh well, if it is meant to be they will be there when I go back.
Looking to spruce up your patio furniture?  OTP had a wonderful selection of cushions and umbrellas.  Lots of styles, colors and patterns.
My deal of the day? Lanterns.
These amazing lanterns.  They are about 3 ft. tall and were on clearance for $10 each.  I jumped on them (that's right jumped because getting the deal between Tammy and I is HIGHLY competitive!).  As we shopped we ran into a gentlemen asking where I found them.  When I told him he said "good I wanted them moved there" and introduced himself at the district manager.  Hmmmm......"well in that case you could reduce the price since the paint has a couple of dings, right?"  You know what they say, you never know until you ask.  Truthfully there were only a couple of hardly noticeable spots but he marked them down anyway! So $8.00 a piece was even better.
 Tammy kept telling me that they really wouldn't look good on my porch but were perfect for her porch.  Honestly I felt she was right so today I told her she can buy them from me.  I just know she will do something amazing with them and I will be sorry! 
So, it was a great day with great company and loads of spring inspiration!  What has been your spring inspiration?


  1. What a great deal, Shanee! I scored my last deal on my newest lanterns at Hobby Lobby. They still had the 50% off sign on them, from the previous week...somebody forgot to take it off...LOL! All of those happy colors really say, "Spring"!

  2. I love the lanterns and would have selfishly held on to them with clenched fists.

    I also love the girly utensils. I have been planning to make my own, in fact.
    You know how much I love a good decoupage project. That one is on the docket for May.


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