Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Words of Hope - Guest Post by Mini

Hope's latest newspaper article has now been published so I wanted to share with my readers.   The article is a bit old so to speak since we are almost two weeks past Easter now, but still important.  Hope you enjoy the article and find something that will provide you food for thought.
Words of Hope

This past Sunday was a time when all came together to celebrate Easter, the holiday that commemorates Jesus’ death and resurrection. Everyone tends to focus on the death of Jesus and all that it means, but skims over the resurrection. I often times think about Jesus’ death and the cup of God’s wrath that he drank for the rest of us. I could talk about the death of Christ in every article I ever write and it still wouldn’t be enough! The other day I was thinking about this while getting ready for bed. However, my mind went to when Jesus rose from the dead and I started thinking about what that meant. God took that moment to speak to me and really make me realize what that event symbolized.

          It started by me thinking about Satan. Yes, most people think of Satan as a big red devil with horns and a tail. Most people could see this Satan from a mile away, if not further. This is the image that we are taught to fear from the time we were children until death. But is that who Satan really is? No. Satan is a business man. He is going to make any sin look and sound good so that we separate ourselves from God even more. His ultimate goal is not to win our souls over to Him, but to keep them away from God, which essentially does give them to him. How do you think Satan felt on the day of Christ’s death? He probably felt pretty dang good! He won, God lost, we all go to hell. I bet he threw an absolute shin-dig when Jesus died. It probably lasted about three days, and then his jaw dropped.

          Three days after Satan thought he had won, Jesus rose from the grave. What does that mean? God wins! We’re His! His love has broken the powers of hell and there is NOTHING Satan can do anymore that can separate us from God! Isn’t that awesome? It is, unless your name is Lucifer. That just made his game a lot more difficult. It wasn’t about trying to get people to break rules anymore, it was about convincing them to hide their hearts from God. The resurrection of Christ was the nail to Satan’s coffin. There is NO way he can recover. It is final that one day he will be no more and we will FOREVER be with God and live in love and happiness. Think about the celebration in heaven!

          What this ultimately means for us is that nothing in earth or in hell could ever separate us from God. Romans 8:37-39 says it plain as day!  Satan’s hand will never touch you because God has got you covered. By not accepting Jesus’ death and living in a manner that reflects His life is the only thing that condemns you. You yourself are the only thing that stands in the way of your salvation. Yes, Satan does come in his suit and tie and try and sell you some good looking sin at a discount price, but ultimately it is your decision if you want to take that sin and whoop it up on Earth or have an eternal life with the God who loved you so much that He would give his son the wrath of the world. The resurrection of Christ symbolizes our victory and our life simply because Satan lost. How awesome. I leave with words of a worship song, for you to rejoice with.

“Oh death, where is your sting? Oh hell, where is your victory? Oh Church, come stand in the light. Our God is not dead, He’s alive! He’s alive!”

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