Wednesday, April 17, 2013

She May Be a Crafter Yet (Maybe)

I don't think I have ever mentioned Mini's distaste for crafts.  I truly don't understand it.  The Nana always did crafts.  Back in the day it was decoupage, she also can sew anything and can crochet, knit and can and has done just about every craft you can think of.
I didn't come into my crafting self until I was in my early 20's.  I was into cross stitch, and twist paper crafts, a bit of sewing and then started to paint.  Since then I have at the least attempted whatever the "new" craft of the day was.  I love having a project going. Five going in different genres is better.
For a while I had a child that would craft but by the time The Big Dumb Jock was in about 3rd grade he wasn't much of a craft buddy anymore.   I was thrilled when Mini came along.  I just knew she was going to be my crafting buddy for life.  WRONG!  Mini has had no interest in crafts.  She would rather work for the money and buy something.  How in the world can this child have my DNA?
At times I have tried guilt.  "Please just spend some time with me and we will make XYZ," I would plead.  If I could actually apply enough guilt she might join me physically, but never mentally.  She would hurry through whatever we were doing to fulfill her time obligation and then she would be off.  She would rather us sit and read together (not that I am against that). 
Flash forward till present day.   Mini has a busy life.  Crafting would really be hard to fit in.  Afterall

It takes time to be a famous writer

 She has to squeeze in time for The Boyfriend (after all he sends beautiful roses)!

Mini also stays pretty busy receiving one award or another (she is annoying like that).

She is working hard on her casting technique for her high school Bass Fishing Club

and of course she has to rest occasionally

 I have noticed that in the last year she has quietly delved into crafting a bit.  She has made The Boyfriend cards and a scrapbook and she held a wreath for me to glue things to a while back so I was beginning to have a bit of hope. 
Then came a prom dilemma.  Mini wasn't planning to go to prom until she won a Driver's Safety essay contest (that is the award she is receiving from the Sheriff above) and grand prize was a limo for the night.  I will tell that story later but I probably should have never made the bet with her, it is costing a fortune and stressing me out!  Any who now we are racing about trying to get ready.  She has decided she wants me to do her hair but wanted "something" for her hair.  You know, a bow, feathers, a flower or something (something only known to her). 

We spend a good bit of time looking for whatever she had in her head but were coming up empty (and tired).  I suggested we could make something.  I figured this would put an end to a "hair thing" and we could move on.  WRONG but a good wrong.  She went willingly to Michael's and instead of whining about how long it takes there was diligently searching for just the right stuff to construct her vision (it was so fun......fingers crossed that she keeps an interest).
We ended up buying a flower, glitter spray and a costume jewelry ring to deconstruct and use part of.
First we removed the stem from the flower.  Then disassembled the flower from the plastic center and reassembled and sewed the layers back together. 

 All ready to paint.

Two coats of Glitter spray.

 Then we attached a barrette and took apart the stretch costume ring and attached it with glue as the flower center.  Mini was really into making this so we failed to take pictures of the ring before we disassembled it.

Ta Da
It turned out so well and it is a perfect match to her dress and no one was poked with a needle, maimed by pliers or burned with hot glue (winning!). I had so much fun shopping for the components and then putting it together with her.  It wasn't a huge craft but a very special one that we (at least I) will always remember making together.  I will post some pictures of the dress and the hair flower in a couple of weeks.  I think it will be perfect for her "look" for the night.  Now I am thinking of more crafts that might be of interest to her.....I wonder when she will have time again?
Thanks for stopping in and sharing a Mini and Mom craft event.

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  1. I feel as if I know her heart a bit because of reading some things she has written. I just know that I would like your Mini.

    I loved that picture with the roses. It's frame worthy, IMO. As for the flower craft, it looks wonderful. I really hope you show us prom pictures! I am a shameless princess project groupie, and aside from weddings, proms are my favorites.


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