Friday, February 17, 2012

14 and Counting/The Return of the Big Dumb Jock

Today the excitement finally kicked in and I can hardly wait.....the Big Dumb Jock comes home two weeks from today!  We have only seen him once since he graduated college last May and moved across the world the county.  Mini was able to fly to Vegas before Christmas to spend a few days.  I think they had a good time together.

They have the best smiles!

I don't know if I will ever get used to the fact that he is so far away.  I know that over the next several years he will be moving every few years with his job so I think initially I just pretended this was temporary.  I know I can really make like an ostrich when I choose to.

I just never saw myself as "one of those moms" you know the kind their children live cross county and they talk of flights in and out the same as if they were heading to Wally world...yet here I am and I just hate it! 

It is soooooo hard if you are a nosy, all in their business attentive mom to smother mother from this far away.  It is strange that BDJ has this whole life that I am not a part of (I know he loves that part). 

So I am working on the menu because I am just certain that he isn't eating properly!  Last night we were chatting on the phone and I asked him if he was eating and his response was "Mom, I am 200 ripped pounds, I'm hardly wasting away."   Uh is just as I thought, he weighed 5 lbs more back in October when he was home so I will just have to plump him back up.  This is a familiar dance with us..when I see him I always think he looks too thin and he is immediately annoyed.

It will be so nice to have him home even if I can't seem to grasp he doesn't come home as my sweet little boy anymore.  I love going to bed and knowing both kids are home.  We will have a little to do for his birthday while he is here and probably catch up on some movies as a family.  Of course he has his training to do and will want to catch up with all his friends so I will have to share him.   He is a hugger so it will be nice to hear him call me Moms and get random hugs.  Odds are he will make sure my car is washed and cleaned.  It will be awesome until about Wednesday.

By Wednesday Mini will have begun to complain about the funk he leaves in the bathroom.  The milk rings in glasses and crumbs on the counter will have begun to work on me.   Let's not even talk about the pile of laundry he creates that rivals any 6 teen girls you know that will be making me crazy. 

He will have a million errands to run (i.e. will drain several tanks of my gas) and will insist on standing at the kitchen island to eat 90% of the time.  By Friday it will be fully realized that although it is great to have him with us that he is not my sweet little boy anymore but a brand new crotchety old man in training!

  I think it is God's way of helping me turn loose and let him go again.  Letting him go again will hit me on Wednesday and the rest of the visit I will dread it happening now you can understand why it will be good until Wednesday.  I won't really be that annoyed by all the little things he will do (not too annoyed anyway) is just my way of not thinking about letting go, again.


  1. Enjoy your visit and all the hugs!

    1. Is that a nice way of saying don't gripe about the crumbs and bathroom funk? lol. You know I will enjoy it and complain to you later :)

  2. I can understand how hard the distance is on you. My brother moved halfway across the country for grad school, and that first year our Mom talked about the rest of us not celebrating Thanksgiving since he couldn't come. We did of course. The distance will be easier on you as time goes along, although of course you always miss family when they aren't close by.

    Sounds like you are already considering him a "guest" of sorts. You know what they say after 3 days you are ready for them to go. As much as we love my brother and enjoy our visits, usually all of us including him are ready to get back to our real lives within a few days or a week at the most.

    Hope your visit with him goes well! After he walks out the door, you'll be back to missing him again just like my family does.

    By the way, I really like your tablescape in the last post.

  3. Hey there, you did not tell me Chase was coming home how exciting.
    Shanee remember just relax and enjoy you don't have to do a big hoopla. You have been blessed with a wonderful son who just wants to see his family and friends. Oh I love all the things you post you have gave me a new outlook to do things I love but have just put off. I have to say when we talk about junking or projects it makes it me feel like my old self that I have lost thank you for helping me back to what makes me happy. Tammy

    1. I know...I have been waiting till closer to talk about case he couldn't make it home! Thanks for the kind words...I'm glad you are getting back to will be even better after we do some junking!

  4. I relate so well to this! I never pictured myself as being a long distance mom either, and I hate the distance just like you. I want to be able to reach out and touch my daughter without using a navigation tool or defying gravity!

    I hope you have the time of your life with the son home, and I am giggling that you call him The Big Dumb Jock. Based on the pictures, I think you should amend that to The Big Dumb Hunky Jock.

    If he moves to DC in one of those moves, I have a lovely girl for him to meet. Ahem... nudge...

  5. Great post moms, and am really looking forward to a little time back home. I will try and gradually increase the level of laundry and crumbs throughout the week so its easier for you when I leave. Love you

    1. Thanks son I really appreciate you thinking of me that way! Only a week to go now....can't wait.


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