Monday, November 14, 2011

Sometimes you Feel like a Nut and It's a Good Thing

Those of you that know me know that I rant and rave  Unfortunately I rant more than I should and more than I rave (I'm working on it).  Now that I have shared a big flaw let me redeem myself a bit.

I recently noticed the new commercial for creamers that taste like your favorite treats, namely Cinnabon and Almond Joy.  Pay attention here because I'm putting in a disclaimer.....I DO NOT drink coffee.  That's right I drink a concoction that is made with a cup and a half of expresso, a packet of cocoa mix or dessert syrup (whichever I have) and usually 2% milk.  I occasionally skip off into the adult world and try a flavored creamer.  My interest was peaked after seeing this ad but I was disappointed that it was Almond Joy and not Mounds, because goodness knows, I'm nutty enough.  For 3 weeks I passed the creamer cooler at the grocery and gazed longingly hoping there would be a Mounds flavor.  For 3 weeks I left empty handed but with a full list of flavors I wanted to try at some point. 

Finally last week I just couldn't take it anymore.  Truthfully, I was either really hungry or experiencing some kind of sugar craving inducing hormone surge.   Either way the result was the purchase of International Delights Almond Joy creamer.  I left hoping that the coconut and mocha would override the nutty part.  Honestly if it has chocolate I can usually make myself deal with it :)

Ya'll this stuff is awesome!  I think I called 6 people to rave about it after my first cup. It was truly like drinking a melted Mounds, I couldn't really taste any nuttiness.  Yeah!  So I have been happily enjoying this in my "coffee" for a week now and am still loving it.  You gotta give it a try.  Enjoy!


  1. Sounds awesome....and yes you are "nutty" enough, but that's why I love ya! :)

  2. Well, I DO drink coffee and I love to experiment with different flavors for creamers. I will put the almond joy on the "to try" list.


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