Sunday, November 13, 2011

Going Coastal/Postal Part II

Welcome to the 2nd installment of trying to finish a guest room.  For most of you this would be no big deal but for yours truly everything is an ordeal!

In part one of this saga I explained I was in search of shutters to create a headboard that was inspired by this  Pottery Barn photo.

They had to be the perfect chippy shutters and I needed at least 3 of them.  I figured this was gonna be cake because I see these shutters absolutely everywhere.  Shocking as it may be I figured wrong (I know I can hardly believe I was wrong!).   Now that I knew exactly what I wanted there were no shutters to be found.   I lived on Craigslist, constantly checked out local radio swap and shop and checked out all the local junktiques, nothing.  

Sometimes you have to wait for the right thing and this was obviously one of those times.  So Wonder Hubby and I decided to take a break from the search have a little fun.  We love the Nashville Fairgrounds Flea Market, especially the fall markets.  The weather was perfect, Mini was looking forward to spending the day chilling on the couch and we were footloose and fancy free for the day.

The booths with fall decor really put me in the mood for fall.  Not an easy task since I detest cold weather and never allow myself to enjoy fall because I am busy dreading winter.   I love the process of looking at booth after booth of interesting goodies and  anticipating what will jump out and be my "find" of the day.

These are adorable!  I think I want the Flamingo by my pond.

Okay, maybe I need a pumpkin on legs instead...

Love, Love, Love this painted furniture, the blue is so calming.

These architectural pieces are awesome and they inspire more projects.
One of our favorites reasons to attend the flea market is this booth.

Fiesta Heavan
Wonder Hubby and I began our Fiesta collection last year.    What started with a 4 place setting is completely out of hand now.  We collect 1st and 2nd quality as well as vintage pieces.  This booth carries factory 2nd's.  I love all the possible color combinations but Wonder Hubby is completely obsessed  and so does Wonder Hubby.
Normally I am the dig through piles half of our duo but not when it comes to Fiesta.  I lose interest after 2 plates while Wonder Hubby will search indefinately for the perfect pieces.

Choosing the right piece is serious!

Naturally I was still looking for shutters and I was finding some.  Some broken, some vinyl, some that weren't big enough and some that were just right but had just sold!  Wonder Hubby and I took a break and enjoyed a co-cola and noticed a building that we had never been in.   After we finished our break we headed toward this unsearched building.

  On the walk over Wonder Hubby asked "could you use a Mantel as a headboard?"   "You could but I wanted shutters and it would have to be just be right one," I responded.  "Would that one work?" he asks as he points to this.

Although I have never thought about it and figured this would be more than I wanted to spend, I walked over to look and before I got any closer than this, I knew it was perfect!  Isn't Wonder Hubby the bomb?  It was completely nasty and gross a little more distressed than I hoped but for some reason it was the right piece even though I just knew I wanted shutters.  I had to hunt down booth proprietor who immediately said she had it priced at $175.00 but would make me a deal.  Bless her heart she lost me at $175.00 since I am so incredibly cheap that she might as well have said $1,750.00!   So as she tells me that it is from a late 1800's church and that she has always thought it would make a great bed (what did she say?  headboard?   I didn't tell her that!) and that she has not sold it in 2 markets and doesn't know why, I am trying to listen politely knowing that this won't be a deal I'll be interested in.   Suddenly I hear something that snaps me back to the conversation...$60.00 is that what she said?  Yeppers it certainly was!  So bless Wonder Hubby's heart he had just created himself an afternoon I arranging transportation of one absolutely perfect mantel/headboard.

I'll be posting the transformation soon.

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