Monday, October 31, 2011

It's The Witching Hour

Happy Halloween all!  Since my little spook is in high school now, our Halloween is pretty low key.   I miss the excitement this day brought when the kids were little :( 

In past times all the pumpkins would be carved and the Halloween costumes would have been well worn by today.  Today would have been filled with dressing in costume for a school party and trick or treating afterward.  Then naturally, Wonder Hubby and I would ah hem....check the candy.  Bless my kids hearts I don't think they knew they even got chocolate stuff till they were 8 or 9 since we skimmed all that off first!  I know we are bad!  Don't feel too sorry for the little spooks though, believe me the grandparents always loaded them up with plenty of the good stuff.

 I normally do quite a bit of decorating for Halloween but this year I've been a little off.  I was busy preparing for BDJ to come home from Las Vegas for a visit for the 1st time since May and just not feeling the Halloween bug this year, so I didn't manage to decorate much but I will give you a peek at what I did do.

Halloween Mantel
This is my fall/Halloween mantel.  The vintage ghosts and letters I showed you in this post are easily removed and the ceramic jack-o-lanterns are turned around and presto, no more Halloween, just fall goodies.

I love my letters and the old scarecrow birdhouse.

Fall Decor on Writers Desk

I love this old table and dressing it in anything looks great.  I especially like the Autumn letters I made last year.  I liked them so much I made some sets for friends.

This little wreath was whipped up with stuff I found while organizing the garage recently.  I painted the individual pieces up and arranged them on the wreath then added a bow.  I am a big believer in using what you have so I ended up with the yellow and black bow....and it has got to go!   I'll catch some orange ribbon on sale after Halloween to make a new bow and update the wreath next year.  For now it is just right for the playhouse.

This is Mini's playhouse.  It is officially called Miss Mara's.  It may soon become Miss Mama's as it has so much potential and Mini is too old to have interest.  I have so many ideas for where I could take this place.  Writing nook, craft room, potting shed I still can't decide.

The personalized candy corn always makes me smile.  Don't they just look happy?  Although, strangely my candy corn is missing...gotta make a new one.

All my planters are decked out in Mums and Scarecrows.

Wonder Hubby and I made this little guy years ago.  I didn't take a very good picture but the signs read Harvest Time, Pumpkin Pickin, Leaf Rakin, Nutty Fall Fun.

This was my favorite fall decor. BDJ and Mini together while he was home for a visit.   Wish they could stay right here just like that forever.

Another photo of Miss Mara's with Mini's maple tree.
We planted this shortly after we built the playhouse and the color is so beautiful it is breathtaking.
Thanks for taking my little Halloween/Fall Tour.  Hope you all enjoyed a beautiful fall day and a Happy Halloween.


  1. Sherry, we miss you being here in fall and spring and winter and summer :)


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