Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Tale of a Terrible/Terrific Table Makeover

Is it possible to have a relationship with an object?  Does that sound a little bit crazy?  No, it sounds a lot crazy but I have figured out that my best projects are the ones I fall hopelessly in love with.

When I began searching for pieces to makeover for Lottie & Molly, Lottie and I had different opinions on how to choose pieces. Lottie likes to pick pieces she loves, just in case they end up living at her house.  I tend to want to buy pieces that are the opposite of my taste, therefore insuring they WON'T be living at my house!

I showed you the coffee table I landed recently at Goodwill in this post.  As you can see she was a real challenge.  Strangely I kept wanting to walk away from her in Goodwill but Lottie was determined one of us would own her.  I didn't  see her beauty under all the junk piled on her and when we did clear off the top she was in terrible shape.

 As I wavered and waffled Lottie pulled her tag and announced if I didn't buy her she would.  Why do I fall for this?  Lottie literally has a house full of really nice antiques ready to head to Lottie & Molly, why would she buy this?  Have I mentioned we are very competitive?  Did I mention that we had just spent 15 minutes discussing how we DID NOT need to buy any furniture for a while? Well, all of the above is true.  So....anywho...I bought her and I really didn't even like her.

After I got her home and studied her further I kinda got a crush on her and I called her Carlotta.  Then I spent forever a good bit of time having a wood putty party and then it was time to paint.  I went with an off white paint and planned a look similar to the tables I blogged about here

I loved the way she looked when she was painted and couldn't wait to start distressing and waxing.  But, a funny thing happened.  I went from having a crush to falling head over heels for her beautiful legs and curves.  It was at this point I realized she needed to live in my living room and Old
White just wouldn't work.  Wonder Hubby didn't think she would fit and he didn't want a coffee table but I was in love, who was he to stand in the way of true love?

So after a paint buying trip I repainted her.  I love how she looked with the warmer shade of paint. 

Then it was time to wax and wax and then add dark wax.  Lots of dark wax.

Finally, she was all finished and I was so excited to get her inside.  So this morning when I finished buffing her off, I quickly rearrange the living room and made room to see her in place.

I crossed my fingers that Carlotta would be perfect....but, well, she just wasn't.  I love her color and distressing and aging but I just didn't love her in my living room :(   When you have a great relationship like Carlotta and I did you know right away when it just isn't working and she just wasn't working in my living room. 
 Sadly she was carted back out to the garage to await her turn at Lottie & Molly.   I am sure someone will click with Carlotta and give her a forever home.  Despite not keeping her I really loved the process of redoing her and think she turned out beautifully.

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  1. Oh I have a crush on her too Such a beautiful makeover, and those legs are fabulous. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me Party that will be live this afternoon at 2:30 PT. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty

  2. This is such a pretty table, great deal at Goodwill! I love the way the paint really brings out the details. I'm sorry it didn't work in your room, but yes, I'll bet there is a home waiting just for her!
    Thanks so much for dropping by to visit!
    Sharlotte's Reflections

  3. What a beautiful makeover! I am certain that there is someone waiting for her now that you have totally transformed her! :)

  4. Awe too bad this beauty isn't working in your living room - love all her details and the color you choose (I liked her in Old White too). I found her over at A Stroll Thru Life party.

  5. She turned out so lovely - at least you saved her. I am sure someone will fall in love and take her home.

  6. Great table! I love the legs. I can see why you fell in love with her.


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