Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Latest Junkin Jewels

Last week junk buddy Tammy aka Lottie and I managed to get out for a day of fun.  It seems that since we decided to open a booth all our time is spent working on projects, talking or texting about projects or hauling and arranging projects.  We never just junk for fun....oh right, the whole booth thing is for fun, right?  It certainly is, however, it is so easy to get caught up in the "business" side and forget why you are doing it in the first place.
So Thursday, after we delivered more stuff to Lottie and Molly we managed to hit Goodwill to relax.  Yes, I know we just happen to relax at the same place we shop for the booth!   I went in looking for a sweater and Lottie headed to the furniture.  Not surprisingly I ended up with furniture and no sweater!  Lol  
I really did have a good junking day.  I ended up with some awesome Liz black pumps for $5.99 and a dozen of self adhesive lampshades for .99 cents each.  I have plans to makeover my pot rack lights and have some ideas for the booth using these as well.  I have already gotten started on one of the ideas. Hmmm....I think I may like the change.

I also ended up with this.....

Yes she is a beauty.  Wonderful detail and size but whew , she has lived a rough life.   She has great bones but she is in serious need of a makeover.  Stay tuned to see how she is transformed to greatness and perhaps moved to my living room if I can fit her in!
It was so nice to spend a day just hanging out together....we even managed to grab a bite of lunch.  I had never been to Quiznos before but we stopped in and I had their Harvest Chicken Salad.  Oh my gosh, it was SO GOOD.  I usually play it safe with a salad but I am glad I took a chance it was yummy.   If you are having a salad craving give this salad a try. 
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  1. I started to comment here, but then I got sidetracked by the title and picture of the last post and had to venture there first. Then, I saw another post that I think I might have missed. I need to just suck it up and realize that I like Blog Land more than I like taking a break from it. Even if I don't blog myself anymore, I just flat LOVE to read blogs. Period. . I love the coffee table you found, too.

    Now to zip on over to that post with "Midcentury "in the title to see if I missed it too.;

  2. Great score on the table! I am sure you will turn it into a gorgeous piece! Thanks for visiting Setting for Four today! Love your blog - Heather


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