Saturday, November 24, 2012

And So It Begins.......

Ready or not it is that time.....that wonderful, happy, hectic, frazzling Christmas season!  I am so excited for Christmas this year.  I am not sure if it is for the respite (however brief) from "real" life, the search for the perfect job, the struggle with not worrying about what the next year will bring tax wise and health care wise or what but I am so filled with holiday cheer and peace right now!

Of course, as I write this, I am sitting here quietly enjoying a latte and haven't yet eaten Thanksgiving dinner!  I am sure later today when I begin to lug boxes from the attic and fight the good fight hanging Christmas lights my joviality may wane but for now I am convinced I will breeze through the season with a smile (okay folks, I hear your snickering).  Maybe I should say I intend to give having a calm demeanor and a happy, thankful attitude my all!

I have no intention of braving the crowds tonight or tomorrow in search of the holy grail of gifts.  I plan to blast Christmas music and swath myself in garland and ribbon till this place is virtually a Christmas Wonderland.....then I plan to click and shop until at least mid-week next week.  Then and only then do I plan to grace any retail establishments with my presence.  See, I have a plan on how to keep my cool!

No, I am not going to think about the 3 painting projects on my paint desk that remain unfinished, or the wreath that was oh, so simple and has now eaten a week of my life.  I refuse to even entertain the fact the although I had completely cleaned up leaves in the yard not once, but twice this year I should go back to the yard to work.  Lastly, today I will NOT think about the fact that since I didn't cook Thanksgiving dinner, I did not go to the grocery and the cupboards are bare,  We will simply live on holiday spirit and bread and water for at least a few days.  There is no way my positive holiday karma could hold up against the bunny slipper, sleep pant wearing Walmart shoppers this weekend.

Saturday 11:30 am. 

Thanksgiving dinner was good but not great.....I'm sorry, as much as I enjoyed no dishes it just wasn't the same as home :(   Mini was thrilled with it but I think she is going to be disappointed, since I just don't see us going out next year.

There has been no swathing myself in ribbon or completion of a Christmas Wonderland to report.  I did manage to complete the outdoor decorating on Thanksgiving Day and to drag out the trees for the kitchen and almost finish my gingerbread wreath......but drag out it all I have done!  My zeal diminished greatly right after two dozen trips up and down the stairs with boxes and an hour spent digging in the "Christmas Place" in the attic for a box of lights I KNOW I purchased last year.

I managed to avoid shopping yesterday, but today Mini and The Nana are both wanting to shop so we are about to head out.  I know I am being a real drag since I really don't want to fight people and most of what I need to do I can do online.  I think getting hooked on online shopping was a bad thing because now I REALLY don't want to hit the malls.

Oh, did I mention it is freezing outside?  After 72 on Thanksgiving, ,the high today is 42.  I really don't "do" 42.  I need at least a week to adjust to a temperature drop.

Okay, enough whining, well almost enough.   Man or Mini apparently do not live by bread (or the Christmas Spirit) alone, so I won't even mention that tomorrow I will have to brave The Place That Shall not be Named (after church since I will need strength) to purchase something other than bread for the bare cupboards.   Truthfully, I am trying to retain that happy, calm holiday euphoria I had early on Thanksgiving morning....I mean, I lit a Christmas candle (I know it is somewhere in this decorating mess spread all over the house)!

  Are you accomplishing everything you thought you would this holiday weekend?  Is your decorating done?  Are your presents wrapped?  If so, good for you!  Enjoy yourself and have a great day but don't tell me!


  1. No worries Shanee. I have a feeling you're way ahead of most. I've really only done shopping for Miss Rach and all the Thanksgiving/fall decor is still up. We plan to put the tree up this weekend but we'll see. Miss Rach has mentioned several times..."I just love Christmas. I love celebrating Jesus' birthday!" Something I need to remember when I feel like I can't quite find the right gift or something like that. Happy Christmas season...sweet lady!

  2. Quiet Christmas this year my daughter and her partner will be in NZ and my son and daughter in law in QLD so it will be very quiet no big hot dinner just seafood and salad as it's the middle of summer here and it just the beer fairy and me.

  3. Oh no. Not the Place That Shall Not Be Named. What a way to ruin a holiday.
    I know... I had to do the same thing.

    I'm struggling with several of the things you named and trying my best to find that very important Spirit! I'm actually just starting my shopping now. I'm feeling behind...

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