Monday, August 13, 2012

Super mutant Bloggers, I'm Calling You Out!

Nothing is more fun than having a rainy day and a ton of new posts from your favorite blogs to read.  I have days that I get caught up skipping through blogland and don't accomplish much else! Yeah, I probably shouldn't have admitted to that one.

I like to blog even though I have a wee following :)  It is a great outlet, I like making new friends through my blog and it is fun to share things I make, life issues/changes etc.  I can't tell you the amount of useful tips, great crafts ideas, recipes and beautiful homes and diy projects I have scrolled through and implemented variations of in my home.  That's fun right?

Well, MAYBE NOT so much.  Most days it is inspiring and I end up jotting down ideas or pinning to Pinterest (that is a whole other foreign object I will talk about at some point) for later use.  But, SOME DAYS it is just plain intimidating and a bit unbelievable and turns me into a HATER.

Okay people lets be real.  How many of us are as productive as some of these blogging super mutants?  I like to be productive, in fact sitting still doing just one thing, i.e. watching TV is something I just can't do, I need to be busy.  Sometimes seeing the level of activity of some of these mutants makes me crazy.  As crazy as I feel opening a Martha Stewart magazine to see her calendar and feeling like a loser because I didn't drain my washer hoses or sharpen my cuticle scissors in a timely fashion.

I mean I am living a real life here.....complete with a hubby and his crazy schedule, cars that need maintenance, never ending cleaning and upkeep of the house and a dog that requires WAY more attention than my kids ever did.   Most of the time I am a whirling dervish of activity and projects, but despite my best efforts I still walk through a room and see a dust ball, or a cobweb. 

I thought I had a good sized kitchen but when I look around I see "stuff" on the table and counters.  Not piles of stuff, just little stuff, a piece of mail, forms to be signed for Mini, a pie covered on the counter.  Then there is the stuff that I just can't cram into a cabinet....Mini's giant waffle iron, a cake plate etc.  What I am trying to say is in the world do these mutants really cook/live in their kitchens and then have them looking like a magazine spread on their blogs?

I wish I could believe they were just kitchen people but unfortunately they are the same folks that show their living rooms, laundry rooms, bedrooms, perfectly organized garages and beautiful gardens.  Their homes seem to be filled with only the most perfect decor and diy projects.  When the heck do they find time to make these projects or shop for these perfect items?  When do they bathe for goodness sake?

They all seem to travel, care for kids who are darn near perfect, have great hair, cook gourmet meals and still have time to blog.  I am just in awe or disbelief, sometimes both.

Sheesh, I have items on my to do list that are older than some of you mutant bloggers!  People are always coming into my home and commenting on how creative I am and I know I am a thrifter but there are times when I read these blogs that I feel like such an underachiever. 

So, I'm calling you out.  Show us what a real day in your life looks like. 

 Do you people ever have dirt or dust?  Don't you ever have projects that are just epic fails (and I don't mean the ones you make work out in the end)?  How many unfinished tasks are you hiding in those 3 closets that aren't perfectly organized?

  Show me your burned dinners and desserts, your kids F in physics and the dead plants in your garden!  I know you have come on and show us you too are human!  I will get the ball rolling with an epic fail and a project that has been going on so long that I have to dust it.

I'm sure many of you have made the coffee filters wreaths.  I love them but they don't love me.  This looked simple enough and cheap, two of my faves, but in the end....I got a sagging mess, EPIC FAIL.

This is actually two elderly projects.  Number one is the kid's wall of fame....all their sports pictures, newspaper articles and memorabilia from middle school through college and now with BDJ, beyond college.  I started this (I can't believe I am telling this) a year ago.  I have commitment phobia so if Wonder Hubby isn't here goading me on, the pics just sit and wait.    I think the big problem is the sorting through 100's of digital photos to decide which ones make the wall, cause you can't use them all!  I end up overwhelmed with indecision and do nothing....except dust the ones sitting on the stairs occasionally! Number two is ripping up the carpet and painting the stairs....I just can't seem to take the plunge on this one yet.

Now that I have had my little breakdown.....I am actually headed to Michael's to pick up supplies for a couple of projects I saw on someones blog!  So, share em if you got em (and I know you do).  Hope everyone has a great (and/or productive) week!


  1. LOL! Shanee, this was a great post!! We've all been there and felt the same way. I was actually bold enough to post my 'reality' on Friday!

  2. Well, I'm no super mutant blogger but I do work full time and manage to find some time for the house and my blog. When I shoot photos in the house, I clean the area I'm photographing. So one side of the room is clean and tidy, and the other side ... well, not so much. It took me about 3 hours to clean, stage, and photograph my dining room so I don't do very many full room reveals on my blog because it's so time consuming. But a small vignette is easily photographed without having to make sure the entire room is perfect. I also like to take photos of houses around town and post them on my blog ... no cleaning involved!


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