Sunday, December 4, 2011

Birdhouse to Gingerbread Beauty

First let me say that I will admit to being a Christmas nut. I have 8 Christmas trees and a couple in the attic waiting for a chance to shine.   This year I decided to expand my gingerbread themed kitchen tree.   This tree was my only tabletop tree and it was loaded with goodies, too loaded actually.  I really love gingerbread and wanted to expand this tree this year so I stole the 7 1/2 foot slim tree from my dining room to use.

Now that I had the right tree for my space I realized that I might not have enough decorations!  I had seen a tree somewhere in blogland that featured a large gingerbread house as the treetopped and knew I wanted to steal try out that idea here.  Outside of running out to shop for gingerbread houses where could I get my tree topper?  I have been in quite the painting mood lately and remembered I had a really tired birdhouse waiting for a makeover that might work. 

Here she is in all her crackeled, broken in spots glory.

First I did some heavy duty cleaning and then I painted her Nutmeg Brown.
Several times!  Since this was a multi day project, as luck would have it the next morning I had to make a Michaels run and found these little beauties for $1.00.

I managed to drag out this painting for two days (it was so on purpose cause I love to paint!)   I found some blank wood candy pieces of my garage organization I posted here  and used those on my large birdhouse.  Then I did lots of painting dots and candy canes and peppermints and gum drops.  Then layering on Dimensional Glitter snow (I love playing with this stuff) and finally lots of spray adhesive and then lots and lots and lots of glitter!  I LOVE playing with glitter and right now my floors reflect that love.  After a good bit of tweaking the glitter I was finally happy with them.  Ready, here they are in all their glittery goodness!  I am going to apologize in advance for the pics...I was just so excited to share they are okay at best.  I will be posting more pics and info about this tree at some point during the holidays.

Here they are on my tree....LOVE!

I hope you enjoyed my makeover and a bit of my holiday mania, thanks for visiting.  I am linking up with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch, please visit and take a look at all the goodies.


  1. It's perfect! I have a small bird themed tree in my guest bath. This makes me wish it were full sized so I could do something like this for the top.

  2. Ooh nice. I love all the gingerbread decorations. You are so creative. :)

  3. I love these! You made me smile - sitting here fighting off a case of laryngitis and cough, yet looking at the birdhouses, et al. made me feel soooo much better. Happy Holidays!


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