Friday, October 21, 2011

I have Friends in Coastal Places

Recently I was chatting on the phone with Sherry at Garden of 65 Roses aka The Hawaiian Heifer.  I asked what she was doing and her reply was crafting.   Ok, I'll bite I thought, "so what are you crafting?" I asked.  "I can't tell you" she responded. Strange response because normally she would have immediately begun to tell me about her latest project.  What?  Turns out she was being herself and doing for others and fortunately for me this time I was the others!  Yippee!

Sherry and I have a long history of crafting and junking together and we both LOVE cheap projects.  In fact most of the time the cheaper the project the more we love it.  She had landed some sort of goodie for me at the local Goodwill and was making it over.  All I knew was it was for my coastal room.  So I practically camped out waited patiently by the mailbox for my package.

When it arrived I immediately ripped into it.  Aww...what a cute little candle holder and a bag of sea glass.  Sherry has quite a collection of sea glass and introduced me to this easily addicting hobby when we visited her on Oahu last summer.  I was sorely disappointed this year when we vacationed in Florida to find no sea glass.  Apparently it is some pretty elusive stuff and you have to find just the right beaches to find it.  Bummer, as looking for it is so much fun. 

As soon as I had completed the bedside table I posted about here I knew it was just the right place for this sweet gift.  So I placed it on the bedside table and admired it everytime I was in the room.  Yesterday I was doing a little cleaning up on my paint table and ran across the box this little goodie arrived in.  I was just about to toss it in the trash when I noticed something white in the box.  Upon further inspection I discovered it was a card.  In my excitement of opening the box I had somehow missed it.  The card was a Maxine (my favorites because they are so sarcastic just like The Hawaiian Heifer and I...teehehe) check out what the front of the card says.  Opps!  The good news is there is several thousand miles between us so I am safe for a while!   Also in the note was the printout below of the before and after (what a true blogger!). 

I think it is just about perfect!  It does get a little better, Sherry landed this cutie for only .49 cents!   Woohoo gotta love some Goodwill.   Well now that just makes it even more perfect doesn't it?   I am so thankful to have such a thoughtful friend.

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  1. Aw, you're so sweet. I'm diggin' the beach glass ball and shell ball in the background. I'm hoping for a tutorial on that! :) Lv ya.


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