Friday, September 20, 2013

Summer of Change

So proud of myself for actually making an effort to blog!  As much as I love blogging and spending hours piddling on blogs researching great blogs the winds of change have blown us about as if we lived on the plains.

I had hoped this summer would be relaxed and filled with lots of family time....what was I thinking?  We did enjoy a wonderful vacation as a family but the rest of the summer has been a total mish mash of little family moments.

Wonder Hubby's schedule changed. It usually happens twice a year but this year we will enjoy it three times! Yay :(  We haven't fully adjusted to the new schedule and are looking at another change in less than a month.  It always turns everything upside down for a bit. 

Mini started a new job which means she has been working like crazy.  She has what she calls the "best job in the world", working at a drive in that first opened in the 1950's.  She has become quite the milkshake mixologist!  It is awesome to have kids that LOVE to work but it was yet another change to adjust to.  BDJ snapped these pictures of her while he was home.

My summer started out with lots of yard work and a good bit of junking with my junk buddy Tammy.  I have been struggling with needing something more to do since we are only a year away from Mini heading off to college, so yard work has been filling a good bit of my time until I found just the right job or other adventure.  Since this is the Summer of Change I should have expected this to change as well.

Late in June, Junk Buddy and I completed some amazing bedside tables for her master bedroom.  We had such a good time and the results were sooooo pretty we decided we were ready for prime time and should open a booth and sell some of our creations.  Yea...we were high on A SINGLE successful makeover and not really thinking!
How fun will that be?  We found some booth space in an adorable antique mall, plunked down our deposit and then realized we needed some stuff!  No problem with yard sales abounding we should be able to fill it up in no time.  Grrrrrr...maybe not so fast.

I am sure you have heard the old adage "feast or famine."  Well as far as feeling fulfilled with a job or project I have definitely been in famine so the prospect of working with Junk Buddy on our own little piece of junk heaven was exciting.  Of course this too would be a change....a good one

Don't forget there is another part to that adage....feast!  So after a long famine here the feast began.  Only 3 days after deciding to open a booth I received a text from my former boss at the travel agency offering me a job!

 At first I was unsure if I should take the job but knowing I needed to be a busy bee when our nest becomes empty next fall I couldn't pass it up.    I work part time and since the boss is a good friend, we negotiated the hours and I am home by the time Mini is (that is on the rare occasion she gets home right after school)! I love the work.....I mean what's not to love about helping people take their dream vacation?

Now my problem issue is too much to do in too little time.  Right after making our decision to open our booth BDJ came home for a visit and vacation, the rains began, limiting yard sales, I started my job, Junk Buddy has been vacationing and school started back.  Finally last week Junk Buddy and I had a day to get together and plan a bit.  Both of us are going to be running in circles like lunatics busy, busy, busy trying to complete enough projects to launch this new baby. 

After weeks of tossing ideas back and forth we finally decided to name our booth....drum roll here.......Lottie & Molly.  The name is special to us because Lottie is Junk Buddy's Grandmother's name and my Great Grandfather's nickname for my Great Grandmother (who is by the way Mini's namesake) and embraces the vintage feel we wanted.  Here are a few photo's of our soon to be home.

Sometimes change is a good thing but I caution you to be careful what you pray just might get more change than you bargained for!  I will be posting pics of our new booth and some of my projects soonish, thanks for stopping by.

(Full Disclosure......this post has been sitting 3 1/2 weeks....I gotta do better!)

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