Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Back to School Breakdown?

Wow....hard to believe it is that time again but Mini started back to school August 1st.  We are on year round school which has the advantage of multiple breaks but the disadvantage of bringing summer to a screeching halt August 1st.  Below are pictures taken her first day of school back in 2001.

This year going back to school brought some very unique challenges for Wonder Hubby and I (starting with the fact that to us she still looks like the pictures above).  Sometimes we experience the same thing Steve Martin did in the scene from Father of the Bride when his daughter announced she is getting married and he sees a seven year old! 

Mini started her senior year in high school.  I know it is cliche' but where did the time go?  Her past 11 years of school have flown!  I feel like we learned how quickly time goes by with BDJ and were really soaking in every minute with Mini but it still wasn't enough.

On Sunday before school started the family and Mini's boyfriend got together and surprised her with a "Good Luck Senior Year" party.  She was surprised for sure. She expressed how much she appreciated the party and the unwavering support she has from her family.
Completely confused as to why all the cars are in the drive.

Thankfully it was a pleasant surprise!

 Below are pictures of Mini's last first day of school. Someone appropriately pointed out she is still rocking the capris, sandels and backpack!

I am not sure whether the breakdown I have had about her going back to school has to do with her growing up, my hormones, facing an empty nest or fighting the feeling that this is the end.  I have really been up and down since school started back. 

I am trying to keep in mind that my feelings toward graduating high school and heading off to college may be skewed due to BDJ.  He graduated college and moved across the country only days later.  It shouldn't be forever but right now the two years he has been gone feel like forever.  So, I am transferring a unjustified fear that senior year is just step one in being far, far away to Mini and I know it isn't fair so I am working hard to tamp that feeling down.

The year has gone well for Mini so far she is so, so busy.  She is trying to balance being President of the student body, and clubs with honors classes, church activities and her job while being inundated with college options and the dizzying process of scholarships.

Time feels like it has kicked into warp speed.  I think I have had a total of 3 hours with her in a week!  Bless her heart she is so aware of this and makes a huge effort to make time for us.  We are so very, very blessed with such a sweet, beautiful and successful daughter but there are times when you wish for a underachiever!

An underachiever might not finish high school and would live with you forever!  Okay maybe they would finish high school but not attend college far away.  Maybe they would stick close to home, get married and have babies quickly therefore giving us new grandbabies to distract us from our empty nest.    I'm joking people.  As completely unabashedly selfish appealing as that all sounds at times, I want to help my children take advantage of the opportunities they are presented and spend their lives doing the things they love. Which means, like it or not, not just letting them go but helping them to fly. 

I wish I had understood this more when BDJ first left for college (first kid = guinea pig) but with time comes wisdom.  Not that I am not hanging onto Mini with both hands! lol 

So once again....taking deep breaths and accepting change.

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