Sunday, September 22, 2013

And.....We're Off - The Adventures of Lottie & Molly

This question is.....Are we off our rockers or off and running in our antiquing and junking adventure?  The answer is both!
Lottie and Molly officially opened on September 1.  Lottie and I both have been fortunate and actually sold some things before we were even officially opened.  It is such a charge when someone falls in love with a piece that you have bonded with! lol 
Our initial fears were of not finding enough stuff to fill the place up.  3 weeks later....we have more than we can fit in.   Junk Buddy aka Lottie is considering expanding the booth to accommodate her windfall of free furniture she recently found out about.  If only I had the excess stock issue....I am struggling to keep projects coming.
Lottie tells me daily I need to quit this whole job thing because it is screwing up our junking life.  The truth is, IT REALLY IS, but I like the job too so I think I will just keep trying to strike a balance.  I think it will be a bit easier when I don't have yard work.  I always want to be in the yard when I can when the weather gets colder I won't have that temptation.
Here are a few pictures of where I space is and some of the pieces we have in stock currently.

Since neither of us has ever had an antique booth before it is all trial and error on arranging and pricing.  It is fun and frustrating at the same time!  My biggest problem seems to be wanting to keep the projects I really love.....and since I only buy and makeover things I love this could become a big problem fast.   I will be sharing some of the projects I have been working on for the booth soon.  Thanks for stopping in.

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