Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Dimensional Doodling and Glass Goodies

I have been seeing all the beautiful painted glass bottles and jars on the web recently and I am just in love with them!  From mason jars that are tinted to old Avon bottles being chalk painted I am smitten.
As usual, I am late to the party, so by the time I started looking for glass to paint I was finding mostly old bud vases (boo!).  After some diligent searching I finally landed some vases and an old perfume bottle that I wanted to try and paint.

All the vases came from my old standby, Goodwill.  The two with yellow stickers vases were 1/2 off that day! Woo hoo.  After several attempts I finally managed to get them painted.  It was a little tougher than it looked to get the coverage I was looking for...and I did knock one off the table and break it (another trip to Goodwill required) but in the end I like how they turned out.
I love the sparkle of the paint on the perfume bottle.

The opalescent paint made the vine stand out on this vase. 

I planned to display these on a shelf Wonder Hubby and I whipped up back last fall that was sitting empty.  Of course the bottle were not enough to fill the shelf so I needed a little something else. 
 I had several canvases sitting around so I decided to play around with those.  First step, I made a copy of the fabric covered canvas I blogged about here.  I chose elements from the fabric and transferred those to the canvas by tracing them onto parchment paper (it was what I had laying around) then traced them onto the canvas.

At this point I decide I wanted a tone on tone canvas, so I dug out some dimensional paint (love this stuff!).  I first used it for dimensional Easter eggs here.

This step takes a bit of time and a steady I had to work when I wasn't wired up on Co-cola or Coffee!

While working on the canvas I decided to add some dimension to a paper mache letter as well.  Still not finished with where it will live is any one's guess.

After letting everything dry, I watered down some acrylic craft paint and "washed" the whole canvas.  Once that was dry, I sanded the design lightly to reveal bits of the dimensional design.

I love the way it looks aged.  My junk buddy saw it last week and commented that it looked like an old tin panel.  Hmmmm...okay I like that. 

I placed it on the shelf with the bottles I painted as well as an adorable lantern/candle from OTP.  I absolutely love how calming this feels every time I look at it.

Thanks for stopping by and reading about my doodling adventure!  Have a great week.

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  1. Good job on your doodling. I have yet to paint any glass jars so I am really late to the party.


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