Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Smooch Day Table

Hello all!  I hope you all are enjoying a happy, productive week this week.  I have been really dragging my feet on doing anything for Valentine's Day.  Last weekend Mini really made me feel guilty about my lack of interest in V-Day.  Strange, since she is usually so anti-girl/emotional stuff and very non-commercial holiday.  Guess having a sweet boyfriend that spoils her has made her rethink her stance. Teeheehee

I have finally managed to put together a sweet simple Valentine's Day table.  Normally I prepare a nice dinner and some type of yummy dessert and that will be our plan for tomorrow.  I am planning grilled fish and what I hope turns out to be spectacular chocolate cream filled mini heart cakes for dessert (I will let you know how that goes).
In the meantime please tour my table.

A white tablecloth is topped with red and white gingham and a heart patterned table topper as the base.  Red square and white square plates that were gifts from Wonder Hubby years back are place setting dishes.

The napkin rings were made last year and are two types of ribbon and adorable little velvet hearts.  I love how to texture of the napkins mimics the gingham.
The milk glass dishes will hold ice cream balls to accompany mini heart cakes on the Valentine's plates.  I am so glad I requested to receive these from my Grandmothers dish collection.
My coffee can makeover turns up a part of the centerpiece.  Love the polka dots!

Birds eye view. 


I had to toss in at least one piece of Fiesta!   It is the oh so obvious heart shaped bowl below.

I had to use my new love on the table.  I have been eyeing this Mosser cake plate for at least a year.  My dad really surprised me when he gave it to me for Christmas :)  I was/am one happy girl.  I love that it is square, red and, oh heck I just love it!

Now I just need to add some chocolate and we are all set for Smooch Day!

While we are celebrating V-Day and love I wanted to share what I did/saw yesterday. 
I had to pick up my buddy Tammy for a day of junkin yesterday and she wanted to share a new collection she has with me.  This chick finds the coolest stuff! 
It seems that she was recently at a yard sale and saw a box filled with postcards and old Valentines that the owner planned to throw away.  So she ended up with all of them. 
 I would have never thought to really look at them but she did.  Good thing she did too, these Valentine cards are adorable and date back to the 1930's!  She has them displayed in a photo album.  I took just a few photos to share with you. 
 I just love these!  The graphics and the wording are wonderful.
 I must apologize, it never dawned on me to turn the book when I took pics so you will have to view with your head turned (duh I know, but I was just in a rush to go junkin and not thinking).

 Thanks for stopping by.  Wishing you a Happy Smooch Day!
I did actually complete the mini cakes.  White Almond with White Almond Frosting....even though I am in NO DANGER of being recruited into a band of traveling cake decorators I thought they turned out pretty well for 5 yes 5 hours of work! 

I am joining


  1. Very cute table for Valentine's Day. The checked cloth really makes it pop. Happy Valentine's Day.

  2. That is a very sweet and romantic table and that chocolate desert sounds yummy. Your friend really lucked out finding those vintage cards the graphics are so pretty.

  3. Cute table!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  4. Your table is super cute too Shanee! I love the way you used two patterned fabrics for the toppers, lots of bang for your buck! Thanks for visiting the Painted Apron,

  5. Hi Shanee,

    Your Valentine's Day table is so lovely in traditional red/white. The red cake plate and white milk glass items are gorgeous. Thank you for stopping to visit me and Happy Valentine's Day to you.

  6. This is so pretty! I love all the little details you brought together to make this look so nice! Hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day! =D

  7. Your table looks so sweet and all of your accessories are just perfect. Oh, what wonderful olden Valentines. I just love these. Thank you so much for popping in to see me and Happy Valentine's Day.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  8. What a cute table! I love that cake stand! I love the old valentines. Your grandmother's milk glass is perfect with this setting! Happy Valentine's Day

  9. Your table is adorable and I love that the men in your life know exactly what gifts to give you - you have trained them well - lol! Seriously, I love all of the red and white and your pieces have such interesting stories that go along with them. Great job!

  10. Happy day to you,too. I'm crazy for texture so your combination of fabrics and glassware suit me to a T. The old valentines remind me of being a kid and being so excited to exchange with everyone and hoping to get one from whatever boy you had a crush on.

  11. You've set a wonderfully, classic valentines table. I like it! I love old Valentine's Day cards. These are really special. Thank you for inviting us for a peak. Cherry Kay

  12. Your table looks beautiful! Love that cake plate, no wonder you liked it! Your dinner soubds delicious, hope the cakes turn out. Thanks for your visit too! XO, Pinky

  13. I love your cake stand. Beautiful table setting too!

  14. Lovely tablescape perfect for occasion. All the accessories are so lovely.
    Thanks for visiting my space!!

  15. Love your Smooch table! Red and white checks, can't ever go wrong with that and I love your milk glass. Sweet, you were a busy gal!
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  16. Love your Red and white and the little cakes are so cute. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm new to it and appreciate your comment.

  17. Adorable tablescape and those cakes look fabulous!


  18. Thank you to drop by.This is a cool table for the occasion.the colors go well with the celebration.very well done...Hope you had a great time with family and friends...Love...sujatha...:):):)

  19. I'm so behind in blog visits due to the kitchen disaster and a hand injury because of the aforementioned disaster. What was I thinking???

    Anyway, I love your table, and the mini cakes look wonderful. I would love to make mini cakes. Perfect for the empty nest.

  20. I think the cakes are wonderful! What a great way to decorate your table for Valentine's Day! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Have a blessed and amazing day,

  21. Your table is adorable and your cakes turned out beautifully. I think you should be recruited for sure by that band of traveling cake decorators. Everything is lovely.

  22. Oh my! where to start!?! I Love the milk glass...I love the cake stand!...and most have some of that delicious cake!


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