Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Flaky Fridge Frustration, HELP!

Ladies that live together seem to get in sync.  I know this because my Flaky Fridge and I have synced up and are both aging and going through a change.  Flaky Fridge is showing her age and she is slowing down.  For a year or so I haven't been using the bottom crisper drawer for anything except water since it would freeze anything else. So, she has cold feet like I do...but recently she has really been freezing....water in the drawer that is. I gave up using that drawer totally and started poking water bottles willy nilly where I could find a spot. 
There are days the bottom drawer chills perfectly, but those, like days that I feel like the old me, are few and far between.  From time to time she takes iceberg lettuce from just a name  to the real deal....i.e. complete lettuce loss.  We have been struggling to keep the top of the fridge cool enough not to lose milk but yet warm enough not to freeze the rest of our food.  A couple of days ago, Flaky Fridge decided that we would like our milk and juice from the top shelf slushy.  I am not totally against this but I do believe she is not so subtly trying to tell me she is ready to move on.
 I don't blame her.  She has kept her cool for years as the Big Dumb Jock stood guzzling gallons of milk and juice with her doors wide open.  She has tolerated the sticky fingers and cramming drawers full inflicted by a young Mini.  Her tolerance for having her doors hung on and slammed has been unfailing.   She has only recently begun showing her age with age spots on her door and yellowed handles obviously from thinning skin and too harsh cleanings with Clorox over the years.  Guess that is akin to tanning with iodine and baby oil for me.

With this in mind I have been looking at and researching new refrigerators for several weeks now.  It has been many years since I purchased a refrigerator so I first had to overcome sticker shock.  I have driven cars that didn't cost any more than some of these new cool girls!  Having said that, you will understand why I want to be absolutely sure to invite the right lady into my kitchen for what hopefully will be a long, long time. 
I have had a side by side for years but I am really liking the french door option for my new girl.  I love the idea of seeing everything without bending and moving things all around to get to the back.  Right now I am so overwhelmed!  I think part of it is there are so many options and models but the other part is I have been reading reviews.  Based on the reviews there just isn't a good fridge out there! 
Outside of the the whole concept of buying a reliable refrigerator, I have some space restrictions that keep me from purchasing the dreamily big 32 cu ft. models (I am so lusting for them).  Since all my other appliances are white, I will also be skipping the stainless options so that narrows the field of contenders some.

I got so discouraged I just gave up until a couple of days ago, but with the new slush option on our Flaky Fridge I feel the need to get on with the decision.  I have read SO many reviews about condensation issues with the ice makers in french door w/ice and water in the door refrigerators that I am considering forgoing my beloved crushed ice in favor of just an ice maker in the freezer.
So, I need your help.  If you are the proud owner of a loving, chilling french door refrigerator that you could recommend, I would really love to hear about her.  If you own a drippy drama queen of an icebox, please let me know about her too  There is only room for one drama queen here and I have that all locked up. 

Fingers crossed that she doesn't sneeze before I can send her off somewhere to warm up and suffer from puddles!  Thanks for any feedback you can provide.


  1. We went through this about a year and a half ago when our old refrigerator, Lazarus finally died. I would have loved white, frankly, but we had started with black appliances so black it was for us.

    I actually do NOT like the size of the new ones. They are energy efficient, but that makes them very bulky. It doesn't give any more space, it just takes up space. Don't like that.

    I do like my whirlpool side by side, but if I had had my "druthers" we would have gotten the kind with the freezer door that pulls out at the bottom. That's what my MIL has (had). It had the two doors at the top and a drawer at the bottom. LOVE it.

  2. Good Luck with your fridge!! And I hope it's ok that I've nominated you for the Liebster Award. Here's the link for details:


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