Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photo Upload Problem Rant

Okay so I am more than a bit frustrated with Blogger today! Grrrrrrrrr  
 First last month was the whole "you are out of photo space" announcement that could only be solved by biting the bullet and paying monthly.  After two weeks of ignoring my blog I gave up the credit card number and committed.
Now for the last few days I have been unable to simply upload photos in my compose screen.  I have only been able to upload through HTML which takes longer and is annoying!
So, am I the only blogger dealing with this?  If not, please share your ideas on other options for uploading. 
Thank you for taking time to read my rant!


  1. Hi Shanee! I've read that it's a common problem lately, for people using Internet Explorer. Most people resolved it by switching their browser to Google Chrome. I've been on Google Chrome for several months now, with no problem. Might wanna give it a try!

  2. What?! No photo with this post! :)


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