Monday, December 24, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things - Wee Home Tour

Anytime I hear the words, a few of my favorite things,  I hear them as the song from The Sound of Music.  I find myself humming it for the rest of the day.  So, as I decorate and prepare for Christmas I see my favorite things and the soundtrack begins to play in my head.

I haven't really changed up decor this year just tweaked things a bit.   I struggled this year getting started and then getting finished! lol  Let me show you just how off I was when I started.

Ummm...yeah, not quite right.  I would love to say that I fixed it right away but the truth is I had to do this twice to rearrange to the correct shape.  For years we have stored the trees fully assembled in My Christmas Place in the attic...but last year Wonder Hubby convinced me to take them apart (boo!).  Not sure I will do that again.

After assembling it correctly I stated to decorate and just couldn't figure out why it didn't look right.  Could it have been that I was using only 1 tiny box of decor and had forgotten the main box with 95% of the decoration.  Maybe.

I finally got my act together and finished my decorating (such as it is this year) so I thought I would share a few of my favorite things.

First up...this is what you see outside our home.  Mini's little house is foo fooed a bit.

Last year was the first year I did anything with the Mini's house.....added a bit of candy this year and have some ideas now for next year.

Welcome to our home.

One of my trees in the kitchen.  This is my Santa tree.  It started out as a tabletop tree and has grown over the years.

I painted this little guy years ago....still love to see him hanging on by a star!

 I made a half dozen or so of these guys...they were so fun!

 I have several okra Santa's as well as starfish and stars and blocks that I have painted.

This little guy is my favorite ornament that I have ever painted :)  I don't know why he has ended up on the Santa tree but this is where he hangs out.  Love him.

Maybe I have struggled with getting things done because I was distracted by this....

Mini wore this for a special event at my shop when she was in 5th grade...she is a junior now....see why we call her Mini!  Wonder Hubby and Mini....taking a break from decorating the family tree.

The previous part of this post was prepared last Thursday.

We now interrupt this blog post for a falling tree, no Internet and a Wonder Hubby with the flu for Christmas!
An hour of so after I prepared the previous part of this post Wonder Hubby pulled into our driveway after work.  As he came up our drive, he heard a loud noise, looked in his rear view window and saw a very large tree fall just behind him.  It was a VERY, VERY close call. 
The tree took out our power, phone and cable and did a bit of damage to the house.  Thankfully he wasn't hurt and as of tonight everything is restored.  The tree will have to be dealt with after the holiday.
Wonder Hubby was not feeling well on Thursday, so he skipped the 2 am airport run to pick up BDJ (I am too old for many more of those!).  By Friday he was feeling rough.  Saturday he was off to the doctor and had to go again today...he is fighting the flu.  I hate that he isn't feeling well for Christmas and hasn't felt well for any of BDJ's visit.  I am praying that he will feel well enough to be up for a while tomorrow.  In the meantime I am the Queen of the Lysol can.
Despite all the drama here, we have been enjoying having time together.  I have many more favorite things to share but due to time constraints, I will save those and share them next year! lol
Wishing you and your families a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. Merry christmas to you. Hope hubby feels better soon and that u can enjoy the holiday.

  2. I'm so glad the tree didn't hit him! That would be worse than the flu for sure. In the meantime, Your Majesty, I'm glad you are keeping it germ free with the Lysol. I hope no one else gets hit and am so glad that you had the BDJ home, even if you had to go out in the wee hours yourself.

    I love your decorating, especially Mini's gingerbread house. She is precious and will probably always be FUN, no matter how old she gets.

    Merry Christmas!


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