Thursday, August 23, 2012

Oh the Places You Should Go - Etheridge/Lawrenceburg

Wonder Hubby's job requires him to travel several states and he is forever telling me about one town or another that he thinks we should visit and junk or antique. 

For quite a while he had been telling me that we needed to visit the Etheridge and Lawrenceburg, TN area.  Back in June we were hard at it shopping for Mini a car and Wonder Hubby happened to be traveling through Lawrenceburg and mentioned all the car dealers in the area.  So early on a Friday morning, Wonder Hubby, Mini and I loaded up and set out.  Our plan was to car shop and antique.

You will see lots of Amish in Etheridge. We have some Amish in our area but in the Etheridge area you will see them in their buggies everywhere.  I started to snap this picture and then realized they don't like to be photographed....good thing I had blown the shot (the buggy is almost out of the frame on the left)!

We stopped at a completely set up for tourist area to shop a bit.

Of course, Wonder Hubby zoned in on Fiesta right away.

There was a huge selection of birdhouses......I am always drawn to birdhouses :)

I loved the Tom's Gym house....the Guarantee is too funny!

Mini toyed with the idea of a geniune Etheridge, TN Amish t-shirt but ruled it out.  She has really come to enjoy antiquing with us....she is always looking for Blue Willow.

I had to drag Wonder Hubby out before he bought this cool churn.

Then we did a bit of car looking.....cause Mini was kinda beginning to not believe we were there to car shop....sigh.

After a break to car shop we headed to downtown Lawrenceburg.  Lots of neat shops on a very pretty square.  I love the peeling paint on this building.

We managed to shop in one store......that's store, New Moon Antiques!  We did spend 3 hours there, but still I had hoped to cover more territory than that!  I didn't get a single remember I had to just glance about since I was under a tight time frame and had to save time to car shop.

 Three hours let me catch the highlights, I could have stayed all day in this store :) We did have Mini onboard so we finished car shopping.  Mini fell in love with this car.

The dealership had just gotten it in and didn't even have all the paperwork on it yet so we couldn't purchase that day.  So we walked away to think about it and drove on to Muscle Shoals and comforted ourselves with Popeyes chicken.  I would love to review our food....but I will just get hungry thinking about it and we don't have one close.

Bless Mini's heart, she is being very good natured for a 15 yr old that just found her dream car and can't buy it.

Guess what happened next?  The dealership called and told us we could purchase Mini's car on Saturday morning.....yeppers....another 2 hour road trip back the next day. Ugg.....after being gone from 7 am to 9 pm on this trip we were all dragging.

So early on Saturday morning we headed out again...and purchased Mini's car.  We purchased from Williams Auto Sales in Lawrenceburg.  They were incredibly accomodating and easy to work with, I would certainly recommend them if you are in the market for a vehicle.

Hard to believe but Wonder Hubby looks happy parting with cold hard cash!

Mini and Bri patiently waiting.....Mini is driving the 2 hours back home....this was a big day!
Now, you didn't think we went all the way back just for the car did you?  After closing the deal we headed back to New Moon and snapped up the goodies I had seen but couldn't committ to on Friday!

We picked up a couple of tablecloths and some napkins.  I have already used some of them in the tablescape here.  They were so cheap!  Wonder Hubby found some Fiesta we needed to complete a set....I cant wait to do a 50's inspired turquoise and pink table.  Lastly, I landed some awesome bedside tables.  I have been looking for just the right ones for years to replace the highly fashionable 3 legged cloth covered tables we had!  I will be posting pics soon.

We were all worn out by this time so we packed up the vehicles and headed toward home, but not before we saw this little place and had to stop in.

This place was just the coolest!  It was an old general store/bus station with lots of vintage goodies to look at.  You could relax at a soda fountain and catch a bit of tv.

I can't tell you what we are watching, it is a bit before my time :)

Bus service ticket office.

The porch areas were filled with antique tools.  We never got to the side porch or the outbuildings.....but we will go back!

I loved the manequin in the truck! 
It was a very rushed but fun trip, I can't wait until we can go back and take our time. There are SO many more places I need to check out.

 If you get the chance, spend a day or two in Lawrenceburg and enjoy not only the scenery but the great shops.  Thanks for riding along. 


  1. Had to laugh at the sentence about your daughter being good natured even though you walked away from her dream car :-) Sometimes just feeding a teen will improve their mood. lol
    Sounds like you had a good day!

  2. What a neat trip! I miss antique stores.

  3. Looks like it was a really fun and eventful couple of days! I can just imagine how excited your daughter must have been. Wish I lived closer so I could check out those neat shops!


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