Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moody Blue Table for One

 Gathering together at the dinner table for meals has been one of the NOT NEGOTIABLE rules in our home.  So many times this is the only uninterrupted time in a day that we have to sit and share our day.   Many times dinner time opens up dialogue on a problem or issue the kids might not have broached without our full attention.  I am so glad we opted to hold onto this tradition.

Having said that, more and more our schedules conflict and the nightly gathering is not as possible as it once was.  With Mini in school and working and Wonder Hubby's ever changing hours there are times when I end up on my own.

If you have times when you dine alone you might as well make it pretty, right? It is a chance to use anything YOU want!  So with that in mind here is my recent Moody Blue Table for One setting .

The idea for the table came directly from more of my PVC napkin ring creations.

I used decorative stones glue to the trusty PVC to create the rings.....I just love the shades of blue.

I love clear glass and crystal candle holders and bowls so I used several of them accented with more decorative stones.

I used my Food Network white square plates and navy Corsica dishes, as well as my grandmothers blue floral glasses and blue Fostoria that were a wedding gift (years ago!).    The blue jars are just perfect for adding a touch more blue.

When all was said and done, it was hard to be blue when having dinner at this Table for One.  Thanks for stopping by.

I am linking up with Susan at Between Naps on the Porch for Tablescape Thursday please stop by.


  1. Very pretty scape.the napkin ring and candles holder and everything so beautiful. very beautiful.this kind of setting cannot be for one to join with you.i am from Between nap on the porch.regards.

  2. What a sentimental table. That makes it so special. I'm glad you treat yourself to a pretty table even though you are dining alone.

  3. I know that feeling that you state very well. (eating alone when you don't want to.) I have to do that a lot during the school year, and I could not agree more about taking the time to make it look special. Actually, it keeps me from eating as much when I do.

    The Moody Blues table is just lovely,and as usual, I LOVE your PVC creation. I wanted to do that for the Copy Cat Challenge this month and shout them out, but it was No Buy July, and I didn't have any PVC. One of these days... soon... I'm copying you. I just love your idea.


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