Wednesday, June 27, 2012

This Means War!

For those of you that that have slogged along with me this past year you know of my love of tomatoes.

I blogged about them here.   In fact I will pin you down to talk about chat with anyone about tomatoes and all the ways I love them.   Wonder Hubby's best bud has a really nice garden and had mentioned when they were over for dinner a couple of weeks ago that he had some tomatoes to bring us that he forgot.  That did it....I was done for the night all I could think of was tomatoes.

This lasted 2 weeks and I just couldn't stand it anymore.....I brought it up.....and whined a bit I think....and lo and behold last Friday he showed up with tomatoes.  Truth be told I think he brought them out of fear!   He and his family were headed off for a vacation Saturday and I think my not so veiled threats to raid his garden made him think I might just be crazy enough to do it.

Now I was in a quandary.  I was crazed with desire really wanted to eat them but I knew that once they were gone, I would have to be on the hunt for more since my tomatoes aren't near ready yet.

 Sadly,  I drug around and didn't get them out very early this year so I am a bit behind on getting to enjoy them.  I noticed the first tomato beginning to get a little pink just yesterday. 

So...I managed to hold myself off until noon Saturday and then I just couldn't take it anymore.

Yep....I gathered up this collection of totally healthy bologna, mayo and white bread and added the awesome fresh tomatoes....and then inhaled not one but two was heaven. 

I have been stretching the tomatoes all week but I am on my last one....and now I'm getting desperate.  You see, first thing this morning I wandered out to gaze at my mater patch and what I saw confused me at first and then infuriated me.

I found a branch with a cluster of 4 tomatoes lying in the driveway.  At first I thought I had a branch break, since this was the cluster that had one huge tomato (the one that was beginning to turn yesterday) on it....but not anymore.  As I stood there baffled I saw the enemy.

I don't even want to hear the collective awwwww from you all!  This is what they want us to think of them when in truth, this is more the way this little Satan was looking.

Like a real cracked out maniac. Wish I had a photo of what I saw but believe me taking a photo of this devil wasn't high of the list of things I wanted to do to him....especially when I saw my beautiful big just barely turning tomato in his hot little paws!  Okay, its on now.

I stormed inside still in my pj's and whipped up some of the dish detergent/cayenne pepper cocktail I served up during the war last summer and doused the whole darn area applied it liberally to my tomato area.

I am headed to bed early tonight because I fully intend on getting up at first light, grabbing a coffee and a chair and waiting for him to show up again....because this time when he heads in to raid my mater patch he will have hot little paws!

Being as I am addicted to tomatoes like a crack head to crack.....and considering I may have PTSD from the war today......I may or may not be able to keep myself from "checking" on my friend's garden before he gets home! teeheehee


  1. I have something for your little friend and it's not hot pepper. I'll just say it sends the chipmunks running which as cute as they may look are also the devil. Tammy

    1. I know what you mean....I gotta get me one of those special things! lol

  2. You go get him!! There's nothing cute about them in my book. Here, they didn't try to devour tomatoes, they tried to devour porch posts. Seriously stupid critters around here think they are termites.

    I did cayenne, but I have never heard of the dish detergent part. Now, I'm going to google that.

    1. Debbie.....mix cayenne and dish detergent and a bit of water and pour around your plants (or posts, lol). The sticky detergent gets on their feet and then when they put their rotten little hands on your stuff they get the hot stuff!

  3. Oh dear! I can just imagine you going after that sucker.


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