Thursday, April 5, 2012

Pretty in Pastel and Peep Fiesta Easter Tablescape and Tutorial

I have been playing landscaper so much lately that I completely blew off completing my Easter tables.  Finally today, with Mini's help I put a couple together that I wanted to share with you.  The Peep Fiesta Easter Table includes the creation of Peep napkin rings.
So let's hop to it!

First stop, my dining room tablescape that I call Pretty in Pastels.  You need to know that my tablescapes are not perfect or fancy but are usually filled with things of sentimental value as is this one.

My table is covered in a cream damask cloth and topped with a pastel green polka dot topper.
I don't have any Easter specific dishes so my trusty clear plates are put into service.  I kind of have a thing for glass and crystal but I can never seem to photograph it to look as pretty as it does in person! lol  I am using my vintage glasses that Wonder Hubby has given me the last two Christmases (he is so good about finding great antique goodies).

The Easter tree has been around since the kids were small, eh 15 plus years.  The decorations on it have been around that long too and that explains the odd collection of ornaments.

The tea set was a gift from my dad several years ago. I just love the sweet bunnies on top.  The colors and detail are just beautiful.

The bunny house and figurines and the crystal bells were all gifts from The Nana.  They have collected these over the years.  They bring back such good memories each year when I unpack them.

I love my bunny napkin rings. I have had them for years and only have 4 :(   Wish I had purchased 6 or 8 back them.

All the empty space will be filled with Easter dinner.  Ham or Turkey is yet to be determined.  Either way we will eat to much and be blessed with family at the Easter table.

Before we head off to the breakfast room Peep Fiesta tablescape I want to share a project.  I have been searching for napkin rings to use with my Fiesta ware for Easter all season.   I just couldn't seem to find just the right ones.  Recently The Nana, Mini and I enjoyed a Sunday shopping stroll and I found these adorable little chicks.

I then stopped into a Dollar Tree to score some of their napkin rings to use with the chicks.  Guess what?   They didn't have them, drats.  So I tried another store, guess what?  They too were out (or no longer carry them, I am not sure which).  So now I needed something to use as a napkin ring and it had to be cheap.   I found this PVC pipe in the garage (free, yea) and decided it would be perfect.

I cut a test piece, then conned Wonder Hubby into cutting the rest (I don't mind cutting wood with the miter saw but cutting plastic freaks me out a bit).

Since this needed to be a super cheap project after I sanded them a bit I covered each of them in ribbon.

Then I wanted to spiff them up a bit, so I added more ribbon (everything is better the more ribbon you add).  I gathered with a long running stitch and then using the trusty (and yet oh so pain inflicting) glue gun glued the ribbon to the "ring." 

Then the crowning (or in this case crowing or more accurately the chirping) touch....the peep.

I am so happy with the way they turned out and they are adorable in my Fiesta table, lets take a peek.

Of course this table features our Fiesta Ware.  The basket is one of the kids from years gone by....I love the chenille ribbon in the weave.

The Easter house and church are also from The Nana.

Love my little Peep rings!

I love all the happy colors.

We enjoyed dinner at this table tonight....and it works....everyone was happy!  Happy Easter to all, may you enjoy a blessed weekend.


  1. I LOVE your Fiesta table and the chick napkin rings. You are so creative. Also, Easter dinner will look fabulous on your table with all the pretty glass plates and antiques glassware. Happy Easter!

  2. Your peep rings are too adorable! Both tables look beautiful as always. Happy Easter!

  3. Those vintage glasses are just too pretty and the littlr tea set is sooocute...then you made napkin rings that are the sweetest....I am a new follower...hope you can stop over for a visit..

  4. I love how you dressed up the chicks and made napkin rings! Fiesta looks wonderful on the Easter table. I've never used mine for Easter but I just may do that some day!

  5. Your napkin rings are so adorable and creative. Your tables are just delightful. I have lots of old Easter decorations that I pull out at Easter time too. Also the sparkle from the glass is really beautiful. Your Fiesta wear looks great on your other table. Thanks for sharing and visiting. :-)

  6. You are so clever...your napkin rings are adorable! What a colorful, cheerful tablescape!

  7. I am just getting back into blog land, and I'm trying to catch up on all I've missed. I'm so glad to see this because I love BOTH of them. My favorite part of all is the napkin rings. You've given me such a "eureka" moment because I'm always trying to figure out what I can use for the ring. The PVC is a great idea. I absolutely love the finished product. It's perfect. Both tables are, actually.

    Happy belated Easter!

  8. Note to all...I used 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe for my peep rings but will use at least 2 inch in the future. Pleating the napkins in the rings was a little tight :)

  9. I was thinking about this blog this afternoon and wondering if I had just missed updates. I see I haven't. Hope all is OK in your world and you're just busy!


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