Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Valentines Day 2 Ways

Hello all,  hope everyone is having a great week.  Today I was doing a bit of Valentines decorating which generally consists of setting the table and/or buffet decor.  Other than for Christmas I generally set a "holiday or event" specific table about a week before and we use it for the week, so I am bit behind for V-day especially considering I normally rotate 3 different Valentines table set ups.   Since this is my first Valentines Day as a blogger I wanted to share them with you.  I  realized to participate in some link parties I needed to get on the stick which meant preparing 2 today.  Maybe I will manage to get pics of the 3rd before the big day but don't hold your breath, I haven't been exceptional in the follow through area as of late!

Okay here we go.  Table 1 is just plain fun.  On the table is a wonderfully textured red cloth with a heart printed topper.  The topper has always reminded me of conversation hearts candy.   The red glasses are accented with conversation heart straws.   Since the topper has lots of fun colors I am able to use my Fiesta to create a very non-traditional V-day table. 

Love the suede heart napkin rings and the bright happy colors of the topper.

My favorite part of this table is this Valentine

Mini who is almost 16 made this for her dad and I years ago. I love how she said to Mamma and Deddy!  I love it and have had it on the fridge since she gave it to us.

I think we will have trifle in the sundae glasses with chocolate sauce kept warm in the red chafing dish.   After all this is "fun" valentines meant to have dessert first and eat lots of candy at!

The ice cream cone topped dessert spoons are too cute as are the conversation heart straws.  Pink lemonade in the red glasses through those straws should be fun too.

The centerpiece is a classic dollar store special.  It always reminds me of Valentines Day parties in elementary school.  Do you remember the ones....tissue covered decorated Valentine boxes and cupcakes and sugar cookies with red sugars?  Wow, now I am craving lemonade and sugar cookies!   I normally hang corrugated tissue hearts and cupids from the chandy but the new dinette set sits more into the room than our old set so we are waiting to have the chandy moved out further, so no hanging for this V-day.  I miss that.  

Okay.....Abra cadabra....table two.  Very traditional all red and white and heart covered.

This table gives me a chance to use my square plates.  Love them!  I posted about white ones here, the red ones were a gift that Christmas as well.  I use them constantly, never thought I would be able to use red plates nearly as often as I do.  The small dessert plates are from Dollar Tree several years ago. 

Hmmm....I think this table would be perfect for a breakfast of waffles with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. 

I am looking forward to cooking some special meals for these tables over the next few days.  No matter the food served, it will be wonderful shared with my special valentines.
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  1. Both tables look wonderfully festive and will charm your family and/or guests! The more traditional one is lovely and elegant, but I also really like the use of the candy colors for a non-traditional table. Glad you managed to pull off two tables this week!

  2. Whoa! You were a busy lady yesterday!!! I know it's no easy thing to pull off 2 tables in one day! I can barely get one finished in a week!!! (OCD, y'know!) I LOVE the card from your daughter!!! That is so sweet, and the fact that you have kept it on the fridge all this time...extra fab! It works wonderfully with the other elements of Table #1. Table #2 has SO much sparkle and shine!!! So special!!! You're right that it would be perfect for a cold winter's morning of fluffy waffles. But you're in the South...not that cold there, huh? Lucky! :-) Have a wonderful Valentine's Day!

  3. I'm you newest follower, Southern Lady. Both your tables look delightful, whimsical and ready for guests. The candy colors look ready to eat. Enjoy your Valentine's Day! ~CJ

  4. We're such soul sisters. I set up a holiday table too. Sometimes, I do two of them, one in the kitchen and one in the dining room. I love both of yours. I think saving and displaying your daughters childhood card is just wonderful. I love the first one because of the variety of color in the tablecloth that gives it a whimsical childlike quality. I love the second because it's red and white and just plain pretty.

    And yes, I remember the old Valentine party days well. Sometimes, just looking at an old shoe box makes me remember them.

  5. Love them both! Table 1 is sassy and looks like you'd have fun at this table. Table 2 is more adult and grown-up for that romantic evening. Great job!

  6. Great tables both!! Can't decide which I like better...does one have more chocolate than another??? ;-)


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