Monday, January 9, 2012

People Amaze Me

People amaze me!  Whether it be standing in line at the grocery store, watching tv, reading a magazine or driving down the highway, I am amazed by people.  Sadly, in this day and age, I'm am usually not amazed in a good way.  So when the opportunity presents itself to acknowledge someone that is amazing in a good way, I want to share that.

Followers of this blog know by now that my son graduated college last May and moved cross country for his first job.  You probably also know that thanks to my son, I am a dyed in the wool football fanatic mom.  You can read about my son Chase, aka The Big Dumb Jock (BDJ), in this article from his senior college football season here and my emotional journey without a player this season here.

I have been remiss in not posting this sooner, but since one of my goals in 2012 is to make much more of an effort to acknowledge amazing people that touch my life, I am posting now.

When BDJ came home in October for a visit he brought with him a special gift.  He  flew into Memphis for their homecoming weekend and attended the homecoming game and met up with friends.  BDJ became friends with a minister during his college years and this friend came to the homecoming game.  This friend presented BDJ with a beautifully put together framed memorabilia collage.  It is just beautiful and includes a copy of the article I mentioned above as well as action photos and his senior year football program cover and info.

BDJ may kill me, not a great pic of him. But good shot of the gift.

Good pic of much flash on gift!

BDJ was so impressed not only with the gift, which I am sure is incredibly precious to him, but with his friend taking the time to put this gift together and making sure he came into town while BDJ was in to give it to him.  Isn't that amazing?  I think of doing things like this from time to time but never seem to have the genuine ambition to do it (BDJ's diploma is not yet framed and truthfully I just managed to get his high school graduation portrait framed, yikes!)

This gift was so much more than a collage of senior year football memorabilia, it was a gift from a genuinely amazing person.  I am so thankful my son is blessed to have an amazing friend like this in his life.  Want to know what else?  This amazing person didn't want to be acknowledged,  how it that for humility.  Have you had an amazing person touch your life? 


  1. Besides my friends (all are amazing), twice hubby and I have had random people take care of our dinner out because they knew he was in the military. We had no idea until we were ready to pay! Nice's touching when someone thinks of you just because.

  2. Thanks Sherry. Yes it is very nice to be the recipient of just because gifts or gestures. You are one of those amazing people that give so much. The sacrifice that your family has made for Russ to serve our country is amazing!


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