Thursday, November 24, 2011

Time Warp Tuesday - Thanksgiving Table Tour

Wow, I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is only two days away.   Since I realized this year features the shortest time span between Thanksgiving and Christmas in a long time I have been in a panic.  Apparently, since I have purchased only one gift so far, the days of being finished with my shopping by the first week of December and being able to relax and enjoy the season are officially over. 
I have only worked one day in the last week so you would think I would be more prepared.  No so.  Instead of compiling Christmas lists or shopping I spent one day pre-cooking for Thanksgiving, one day getting all the leaves up (and with 40+ Oak trees in our yard that is no small feat) and Wonder Hubby and I spent two days laying new floors in the guest bedroom.  The rest of the days?  Hello, I rested, I am old after all!
So, with the holiday season closing in on me I am spending today finishing a couple of paint projects and some Christmas gifts.  Tomorrow I will spend cleaning and doing T-Day prep because by the time I wash the last dish on Thursday, Mini is going to want to head out Black Friday Shopping and we all know from that point on it will be days of mayhem.  Knowing this and realizing I would probably never remember to share my Thanksgiving tablescape (which at this point hasn't been dreamed up) I thought I would repost my first tablescape from Thanksgiving 2011. 
Thanks for taking the tour and I wish you the best Thanksgiving ever!
Welcome to my Thanksgiving Table Tour.  This is my first posted tablescape so forgive the blurs, bleeps and bad angles

My Thanksgiving table is filled with all things collected over the years.  The tablecloth first made it's debut here at our house 14 years ago.  I don't necessarily love it anymore but I am such a sentimental fool I will use it until it disintegrates.

The plates are from Garden Ridge about 12 years ago.  I just love the basket weave around the edges.

The wine glasses were a gift from Wonder Hubby 4 or 5 years ago, as were the gold bow napkin rings.

  I love, love, love my Tom Turkey tureen!  He has graced our presence for the past 10 years and always makes me smile, although he is a bugger to clean.  Glass pumpkins and gourds, coffee scented candles and mini pine cones and Indian corn complete the centerpiece.

I love the mix of gold and crystal and the natural pine cones and corn. 
I am so thankful to be blessed with loved ones to gather with and for the food that we will enjoy at this table.  Thanks for taking the tour. 


  1. beautiful. the gold bow napkin rings make the napkins look like angels.

  2. Beautiful table...
    Enjoy the last of the long holiday weekend!

  3. Congratulations on your first posted tablescape! I know what a big, huge deal that is, and everyone is welcome to have you on board! It's always nice to see new tablescapers on the circuit!!! I don't blame you a bit for continuing to use your tablecloth of 14 years. It has sentimental value, and there's no better time than Thanksgiving to give in to sentimentality! If it ain't broke....! :-) Very nice setting, and I really like the candle lamps. They look terrific with all the other details you have assembled. Th turkey tureen is pretty cool...he looks right at home as he is the center of attention. (I suppose he's just glad he's not the one in the oven!) I hope you and your family enjoyed the Thanksgiving holiday!


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