Monday, August 15, 2011

One chick's junk is.....

So I was cleaning up staring blankly at my paint table considering my options for reorganization and I found a stack of these clay saucers.

  I was just lamenting about my lack of pots but I have no shortage of these saucers and I'm not even sure why.  Anywho...since I struggle experience physical pain when I throw away anything and since they were strewn among paints and brushes and I had a brain storm.

I remembered I had something I had purchased from Garden Ridge that would work with these perfectly.   I used to have the luxury of shopping at GR every couple of weeks and scoring the best goodies on clearance.  I was disappointed near breakdown the day I wheeled in to discover they were out of business at their Nashville location.  That was 4 or 5 yrs ago and I have pined for them ever since.  Last summer Wonder Hubby announced that he had spotted one in Memphis.  I was sure it was just the building with signage since I thought the whole chain had closed.  To my elation while traveling to our sons football game in Missouri I spotted a GR with a lot filled with cars.  Score....except this game was a 22 hour travel whirlwind and there was no time to stop.  So, with promises from Wonder Hubby that the next week when we traveled to Memphis for a game we would make time to shop, I calmed down.   After that, whether I was heading to Memphis to visit our son or to shop, GR began to be a relevant question :)  Having said all that, on one of those wonderful shopping excursions I picked up a couple of hurricane globes that had literally never been taken out of the packaging since I purchased them.  So...with the paint and brushes conveniently located and not a lot of effort required on my part I went to work.

First I washed and air dried each saucer.  Then I painted and sealed them, added pillar candles and the hurricanes and ta-da....

Sorry about the sideways shot....I can't seem to save it rotated

All lit up for dinner in the hut.

I chose colors that would work with our Fiesta.   The only problem I have now is....I have many more saucers and many more colors of Fiesta.....I feel like there will be more saucer/candleholder painting in my future.


  1. Oh, I like! I would have never thought of that.

  2. Great idea! They're beautiful! Thanks for becoming a follower. I'm returning the favor!!!


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